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The Hyperbaric Oxygen-PEMF Voltage Approach

Here’s something that can supersize your therapy and build on the results. And I want to share with you to use along with your Hyperbaric Therapy… a therapy that can strengthen  your program. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency or PEMF therapy, together with HBOT create a Power -Therapy that will  SUPER-SIZE your results. 

I learned about QRS PEMF from a woman who was sent home to die with terminal cancer. She used Hyperbaric Therapy with a QRS PEMF mat and fully recovered her health. QRS isn’t a multi-level marketing scheme, but sold only by health professionals. I describe, below, how it will actually amplify  the your results from your Chamber … to build immunity and energy, greatly reduce pain, and carrythe benefits to BRAND NEW  HEIGHTS.  If you are interested, please take a little time to read on, because PEMF goes with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy like coffee goes with your cup!! 

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PEMF – The Ultimate Battery Recharge! 

PEMF or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy can improve Hyperbaric Therapy because it amplifies the comlete Energy system of the body (PEMF can be used with or without HBOT).

Add just a short 8 minute PEMF session before every dive and improve the functionality of every cell throughout your body. While Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy increases the oxygen to use as therapeutic fuel for your engine, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy actually charges the worn-out battery of your engine, so that you BECOME A FERARRI! 

Your body produces brand new cells every minute of the day. Old cells die off with new ones created. And by improving the function of your cells, you’ll drastically improve your Life Force and your quality of life. 

Begin PEMF technology and the integrity of every cell of your body will improve – yes absolutely – and that is just one of great benefits of PEMF. The cell is like a battery and PEMF, the charger. A charged battery means more personal vitality, and more energy to heal and recover. 

PEMF begins by strengthening your system with balancing, harmonizing frequencies, frequencies the body loves and thrives on. By incorporating a PEMF Mat into your oxygen therapy program the sacred geometric earth pulses heal damaged cell membranes by increasing their permeability (the in-out function of the cell), so like a suction cup oxygen and nutrients penetrate the a normally limiting wall, while the cells are finally enabled to dispose of the stored inflammatory toxins and purify the body.

Your Hyperbaric Chamber allows healing by a lush, oxygen-rich environment. It brings the goodness of oxygen your cell door. But imagine what you could accomplish if you actually repaired that door so that entry was simple and easy!

The improved oxygen and nutrient transport through the membrane’s barriers provide super-nutrition that increases cellular performance. So, let the restoration begin!! 

A point to keep in mind – if a someone is inflamed, their blood tends to be clumped together. Their red cells are the equivalent to a set of gridlocked taxis. None of these taxis can get their passenger door open to let in the oxygen. So if you put this person with clumped blood into the chamber (mind you, most people have high inflammation), their ability to carry all the oxygen is not optimal and they miss out on the greatest of hyperbaric benefits. 

Well, while you increase the oxygen to your environment inside your chamber, the magic of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy is that it will optimize the uptake of that oxygen by breaking up those clumped and clotted red blood cells. It will separate each and every cell so that it is able to carry oxygen and deliver it to your cells, tissue and wounds as you’re inside. Eight minutes, alone on the mat prior to using the chamber will normalize those unhealthy red blood cells and increase the uptake of healing oxygen in your bloodstream. This is astonishing – and it’s proven! 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy treatments go together like hand in glove! The beauty of this is that they are both natural too – oxygen plus energy! This is what the human body thrives on! 

PEMF therapy can add a new dimension to the quality of your Health-Achievement Strategy. Begin to experience renewed energy that will transform the quality of your life. The PEMF/HBOT strategy is truly a perfect combination for Health (more information below).

Here is The QRS:

The Hyperbaric Oxygen-PEMF Voltage Approach

You’ve got the best Hyperbaric Chamber in the industry. And if you’re wanting to improve on the powerful health benefits you receive with oxygen, please read on:

Add Voltage to Oxygen to Impact the Treatment of Disease

Treating your health condition with the triad of voltage, alkalinity and oxygen is an interesting new approach, called QUANTUM CELLULAR MEDICINE, because it treats the fundamental reasons that the health breaks down. Voltage, alkalinity and oxygen levels synch together. They all increase or decrease together. And thus, by utilizing the two approaches that focus on each of the triads arms—Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy along with PEMF (Pulsed Electo Magnetic Frequency Therapy)—you will experience exponentially more positive results.

Alkalinity – the effect on Health

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy increases cellular energy, while oxygen therapy improves the alkalinity of your body.

The most important factor in creating proper pH is increasing oxygen because no wastes or toxins are able to leave the body without first combining them with oxygen.  The more alkaline you are, the more oxygen your fluids can hold and keep. That extra oxygen you’re receiving from your HBOT sessions are also buffering and oxidizing your acidic metabolic waste, thereby helping to keep you more alkaline.

According to Annelie Pompe, a prominent mountaineer and world-champion free diveralkaline tissues can hold up to 20 times more oxygen than acidic ones. When our body cells and tissues are acidic (below pH of 6.5-7.0), they lose their ability to exchange oxygen. Increases of carbon dioxide, bicarbonates and electrons lead to increased oxygen used for cellular fuel.

Tumor cell differentiation, tumor hypoxia and low cellular pH and voltage affects gene expression, genetic stability, genetic repair, protein structures, protein activity, intracellular mineral concentrations, and types of metabolic pathways used for energy production.

There is no shortage of research showing the link between pH and cancer, which translates clearly into there is plenty of research showing a link between cancer and low voltage since voltage and pH are measurements of the same thing. Cancer (as most health conditions) thrives in an acidic low voltage low oxygen environment, and doesn’t survive in a normal, more alkaline (high voltage) environment. Cancer cells make your body more acidic as they produce lactic acid.

PEMF VOLTAGE Therapy: Taking Health-Accomplishment to New Level

Low-level electromagnetic fields are known and used to halt cancer cell growthVoltage is synonymous with electromagnetic fields. And unlike the fireballs of harmful EMF frequencies emitted by cell phones, wifi’s, microwaves, and the like, earth-frequency Pulsed Magnetic Field frequencies harmonize and energize your cellular functions.

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is FDA approved and has been used in Europe for over 20 years with individuals with cancer, migraines, sports related injuries, wound healing, fibromyalgia and other pain syndromes.

To simplify it, low-frequency pulses create a brief, intense voltage around each cell. The mitochondria within the cell grab some of this energy. This, in turn, makes the cell more efficient at producing ATP energy and delivering oxygen throughout the body. Using PEMF frequencies bathe cells with voltage boosting ATP.

“The Secret of Life is both to feed and nourish your cells and let them flush their waste and toxins”, according to Dr. Alexis Carrell, Nobel Prize recipient in 1912. Dr. Otto Warburg, also a Nobel Prize recipient, in 1931 & 1944, said, “If our internal environment was changed from an acidic oxygen deprived environment to an alkaline environment full of oxygen, viruses, bacteria and fungus cannot live.”

Of course, while you increase oxygen and pH levels if you utilize the power of PEMF to simultaneously increase cellular voltage your body will experience an additional WOW FACTOR.

Oncologists know that having a strong immune system is important in fighting cancer. “The immune system needs voltage with oxygen to kill bugs. Tumors cannot grow if the oxygen levels are normal, and oxygen levels are controlled by voltage. He could have said oxygen levels are controlled by pH or oxygen levels control voltage because if there is too little oxygen then the mitochondria cannot create enough ATP to keep cellular energy high.

Add to this, If you’re a chronically ill person, then your cells stuck out of gear and relying on ‘Anaerobic respiration’ to try and build enough energy to make it through your day.  And you have to keep on running on empty because this Aerobic form of energy production is like a full tank. I can’t say it any simpler. It’s not the way we were built to run. Anaerobic cellular respiration is just plain inefficient for making energy — it’s so inefficient, that you have get yourself going only 4 ATP energy molecules, while your healthy friends thrive on 38 ATP molecules pumped out by their cells. Healthy people have healthy cells because these cells have enough oxygen to produce what’s known as ‘Aerobic respiration’, or oxygenated energy production.

How bad is this Anaerobic form of energy as compared with Aerobic? Well, imagine if you had to run your car off of a mere 4 mpg engine. Meantime the cars that zoom past you run at 38 mpg. You wouldn’t get too far in that car, would you? And you’d spend more time in your parking spot on the road!

People living on a rich source of Aerobic energy, literally, create 9 times more energy than you do, and this has you feeling like a wash out every single day.

It’s a rough life trying to make it on Anaerobic’s power plunger. What’s more, to make matters even worse for you, think about making bread. Yeast cells use Anaerobic respiration to churn out the bread stuff … and as a result, produce loads of LACTIC ACID.

Since the cell mitochondria is the power plant of cell, when it hasn’t got enough oxygen, it has to produce its energy, somehow. So it does it through a form of Anaerobic production on par with the yeast, and this places it firmly in what’s call the ‘Aerobic lactic acid cycle.’

You know, the very same lactic acid that you end up with when you work out too hard. The same lactic acid that gives you aches and pains. However the problem is, when you live every day in an Anaerobic state, your body becomes besieged in pain due to perpetual lactic acid production by strained cells. Lactic acid creates inflammation, and so along with the limited energy that you experience ad-nauseum, you, my friend, also get to go on suffering from unrelenting inflammation.

What’s the body missing that keeps a world of chronically ill folks so hooked into a life of Anaerobic energy loss?  It’s the priceless VOLTAGE / OXYGEN COMBO!

The truth is, it will take this ATP from a charged cell along with oxygen to bring back real energy. It’s not the genes that make you sick, but the mitochondria that causes disease.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy + PEMF to create the oxygenated energy –  THIS could be your solution.  Oxygen IS your life force, and while you lie inside the chamber, it gets pumped right over to the front door of you cells. PEMF is the solution to let it in. With the aid of PEMF combined with the pressure inside your hyperbaric chamber, oxygen is now able to bypass restrictions and blockages within your body, directed to the cell membrane.

Because Pulsed Magnetic Frequencies can fix the scarred cell membrane to make it more porous, so oxygen and other can now readily come into your cells and get down to work at mitochondria level, Aerobic respiration begins. Nutrients, oxygen and water penetrate into your cells. The cells use these nutrients and oxygen, and then let the toxic stuff out.  Why, it literally opens a door for fresh air to come in and lets the dirt out.

Shifting to Aerobic respiration has very profound effects. It will restore your energy and then your health.

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