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How to Buy the Best Hyperbaric Chamber

Compare Hyperbaric Chamber Brands

How to Buy the Best Hyperbaric Chambers – Hyperbaric Central will explain

How will you buy the best hyperbaric chamber? There are other places you can buy oxygen chambers online, but trust Hyperbaric Central for the best deals with sincere, honest service and widest selection of chambers that you can compare at the best prices. We’ll help you before … and after the sale. But what is the best chamber for you? I’m here to help you decide 🙂

FYI: Only 3 Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturers exist in the United States with FDA approval. Any other company that sells here in the US is not safety monitored by the FDA. I represent two of these brands: Newtowne Hyperbarics and Summit to Sea. When you see other Brands that show up on the internet other than Newtowne, Summit to Sea and O-yHealth you will be looking at a Chinese private label brand that originates from Macy Pan. Go to Macy Pan and compare the chambers.

THANKS for allowing me to provide you with info! I do hope I can be of help! I’m honest, disclose all details for you, and don’t hide or falsify information, which is sadly becoming evermore common in this industry.

My website is www.hyperbariccentral.com. Explore blogs, videos and articles in the research section. Look at it to see chambers for all sorts of uses, then come back to me with your questions! O2 concentrators are in accessories. (go down the home page to About Hyperbaric Therapy…it gives an analogy for you about how it works)

I have various ways you can view and compare chambers on my site. You can click on navigation bar under ‘chambers’ and find chambers listed by brand or by size and price. I posted several pics with each item to get a better idea of size.

A great deal of information is available according to condition in my blogs (under information) and great videos and articles on how the chamber works.

Please read on and come back with questions Before purchasing:

Before you begin to compare chambers against one another here are some points.

  • There are only 3 HYPERBARIC COMPANIES built in the US. And, only these, are monitored by the FDA for honesty, integrity and quality. If you buy in Canada, China etc, you won’t have the same protection. The (O.H.) hyperbaric chamber calling themselves “the Cadillac,” because of their hefty price-tag, I will call the “Competitor” (inquire for name), Newtowne Hyperbarics, and Summit to Sea
  • So based on this benefit, you can also find out which brands FDA is reporting on for accidents or quality incidents. Note there is an FDA website called MAUDE that reports adverse event reports: accidents and incidents of chambers according to brand that is reported by owners for buyer awareness. Check out below and notice which brands are splitting on the seams, blowing zippers and have windows that rupture or break on the seam. This will allow you to know if a brand is incident free (if not on the page): Click here for Maude Report
  • Oxygen Concentrators: In addition I summarized incidents of non-disclosure by HBOT dealers so that you can be aware of and questions you should ask when you shop for a chamber/concentrator ‘Bundle’ — info commonly withheld to consumers: Select the right Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrators

The optimal concentrator has a higher backpressure with 10 liter flow in order to bypass the pressure inside the chamber (think car velocity vs against the wind).  Read About Oxygen Concentrators and compare concentrator brands.

The Chinese brand relies on an “All-in-One unit, which combines Oxygen Concentrator with Compressor and Dehumidifier. These have several problems because they run 3 separate operations at once, all in one unit making them inefficient at all activities. One of the problems are that the oxygen concetrator is only 70 percent pure oxygen, not the 95 that you receive with a separate concentrator.

Compressor with 10 liter flow


The compressor is the motor that inflates your chamber. “The competitor” brags that theirs has the cleanest filters. But after research it was discovered, their compressor filters are .01 microns while Newtowne and Summit (which use the same compressors) are .003. What this means it that the competitor’s compressors release through them 50 times larger particles than do the Newtowne and Summit chambers. Therefore, Newtowne and Summit refine and purify the air 50 time more.

Summit began using 2 compressors because they feel that if one compressor shuts down the other will continue to work. Also a brand which doesn’t have a air release valve had an incident where a kid died inside, due to the chamber not deflating and so he breathed CO2. No one knew, so he passed away.

The idea is good, but the fact is, Newtowne, and Summit both have release valves. So if the compressor did quit, the chamber would deflate. You would know there’s a problem. Summit does give an alarm free with purchase so you’d know too.

A second compressor is actually good if you’re running a clinic. It would make it less work for one compressor. Newtowne offers 2 as well or a larger compressor.

The All-In-One compressor-oxygen concentrator-dehumidifier combination, which comes with the Chinese brand chambers (and all of it private labeled USA and international brands), uses 3 electronics running together on one plug. This causes extra stress on the one shared plug, which potentially could incite extra heat generation on that plug. And with of the complexity of using 3 different devices all managed by one engine, the result is you chamber will run inefficiently (see oxygen concentrators). Potential outcome of using one bloated device for 3 different purposes: carbon dioxide build-up in the chamber, lower than optimal pressure, a lower oxygen-output percentage (70%).

Chamber differences

Price difference

Competitor: Approximate prices 21″ = $22,995, 27″ = $15,995, 32″ = $25,995 (base price with 5 year warranty. Mattress & Shipping cost extra)

Newtone Class: 4: 27″ = $4,495, 34″ Military ID = $6,295 (with ID. However, with me ONLY, you can purchase this chamber at the military price with or without ID), 34″ = $7,495 (I sell to everyone for military price = $6,295), 40″ = $10,995 (military = $9895.50), 54″ Walk-in = $13,995 (free shipping for 27″ & 34″ chambers. The 34″ & 40″ include a mattress in the price. 2 year warranty that can be increased to up to 5 years)

Summit To Sea Dives: 26″ Shallow Dive (NOW INCLUDES FREE MATTRESS) = $6,995, (Military 26″ Shallow = $6,295), 33″ Military Dive = $8,095 (non-Military-without ID $8,995), 40″ Grand Dive = $12,995, (Military = $11,695.50) 40″ Dive Vertical = $12,995 (Military = $11,695.50), 52″ Grand Dive Vertical = $16,995 (military = $15,295.50) 60″ ‘wheel-chair friendly’ Grand Dive Pro Plus = $19,995 (military = $17,995.50), (free shipping for all chambers except shallow dive. 26 Shallow, “33” Dive & 40″ Grand Dive include a mattress. 2 year warranty that can be increased to up to 5 years).

NEWTOWNE AND SUMMIT TO SEA ARE AS MUCH AS 1/4 OF THE PRICE OF THE COMPETITOR. You can purchase a well-built 60″ easy-entry Walk In Chamber for far less than the 32″ competitor’s.

Chamber durability test

“The Cadillac” brand pressure-tests the strength of their chambers by pressurizing them up to 11psi. However, both, Summit to Sea and Newtowne test their chambers at close to double the pressure, giving you far more assurance of their chambers’ strength and durability. Therefore, you can be assured the Newtowne and Summit chambers will NOT WEAR OUT or tear at the seams.


The zipper closure on “Competitor” chamber utilizes 2 zippers with a urethane panel with a ‘flap’ to hold the zippers. That panel will, potentially, stretch with use and this stretching may cause you to have to manipulate the zipper to adjust it from the wear.

Newtowne Hyperbaric chamber is manufactured with 3 zippers that are held in place with a seam. So there’s no manipulating the zipper as the chamber ages. Many people like the Newtowne because they use 3 ply urethane rather than 2 which makes Newtowne very durable. Newtowne uses a Superior zipper that won’t require waxing and the zippers are exceptionally durable. Newtowne Superior zippers withstand the pressure of the chamber and prevent the pressure from impacting the material.


If ever your zippers need any repair keep in mind, Newtowne is the only company that will repair your zippers with the same machines they built your chamber with. The other brands use alternative methods. This means they won’t end up like the original LIKE NEW CONDITION.

The Summit to Sea chamber has a simplified-closure 2 zipper, stable system protocol that also implements a set of 4 buckles. This zipper protocol makes getting in and out easy to do. This set up won’t stretch and won’t require future manipulation. Some people like the ease of Summit 2 zipper-buckle system.

The Newtowne Hyperbarics Chambers

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Newtowne has changed from their well-known blue color to a NEW BRIGHT WHITE material. Summit’s color is more off-white or cream, while Newtowne’s is now full-on white. No more blue.

Newtowne builds everything inhouse, from top to bottom, rather than hiring a manufacture to produce. The other’s hire a specialized factory in NY. The advantage of self manufacture is you receive superior materials at a lower price, since there’s no need of having to pay a middleman.

  • Warranty is 2 years. The “Competitor” had been 1 year but in 2018 raised their prices to build in a 5 year warranty. From the words of previous Competitor customers, the Competitor actually limits the number of repairs before refusing to repair their product.
  • Both Newtowne and Summit to Sea offer the 5 year warranty but it is optional rather than building the price over the extra warranty (because the chambers rarely require repair). One thing to note is The “Competitor” WILL NOT WARRANTY OR SUPPORT A ‘USED CHAMBER’.
  • Lengths of each Newtowne chamber are sized longer for extra space. Lengths are: 91″ for the 27″, 95″ for their 34″ and 105″ for the 40″.
  • Any future repair through Newtowne is less costly and finished in “brand new” condition since the chamber is repaired in-house. The wait-time is minimal, whereas if you have a repair with “Competitor” chamber, there will likely be a long wait (I have heard up to 4 months). They repair at a separate independent facility.
  • You receive steel frame, not PVC, so it won’t warp over time. Frame is outside the chamber for extra interior space.
  • You get a 3 ply urethane vs 2 ply so less stretch potential and less wear and tear on the seams over time.
  • Their middle zipper is top notch. No greasing and it’s specially designed to actually strengthen the chamber against the pressure to prevent wear and tear. No need to use grease.
  • Newtowne’s 34″ chamber includes an extra second auxiliary valve for a second oxygen concentrator. Summit has a single auxiliary valve.
  • Newtowne usually includes upgrades as part of the price (ie: Mattress). Shipping is always free for 34″ and 40″ chambers.
  • Newtowne has never, ever been reported in Maude’s accident and incident report. Never had any unwanted surprises.
  • The greatest benefit is the window is a heavier acrylic that doesn’t bubble out. If you think about pressure control, you need pressure 100% at every spot in the chamber, or else the pressure builds into places with things like the “Competitor’s” bubbled out windows. This undo pressure inside a bubbled out window ultimately wears out seams causing ruptures, tears and worn out seams (see Maude report). Since the “Competitor” has often experienced tears in the seam (see Maude report), price for repair runs between $1k and $4k to repair and because it gets repaired out of house, there is a month or more wait time, and they will only repair their chamber one time.
  • Newtowne Chambers tend it be longer in length. 91″ for the 27″. 95″ for the 34″ and 105″ for their 40″.
  • Newtowne offers valve 2 ports on their 34″ inch hyperbaric for a second oxygen concentrator, compared to 1 valve port on Summit’s 33″ Dive.
  • Newtowne includes an alarm that goes off if the compressor quits for safety.
  • Newtowne now includes a gauge so that you can see the pressure while inside the chamber

Summit To Sea (Chambers Now Available For Prompt Shipment!)

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Many Clinics, worldwide recognize the Summit to Sea Brand.

Summit’s most unique chambers are their vertical chambers. Love the style. They are primo for clinics because people don’t feel claustrophobic. They allow for multiple activities and therapies from IV therapy, surround sound therapy, light therapy to yoga and working out. They have a brand new 60″ Grand Dive Pro Plus that offers versatility like never before – Wheel Chair access, full size Recliner-Lounge Chair ability, Lying down ability and much more!

Click To See Vertical Chambers

Summit to Sea dives, just like with Newtowne, offer the great acrylic windows that don’t wear out.

Summit to Sea Grand Dive Vertical Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
  • Summit uses a bright white material for a low claustrophobic feel.
  • Summit is the only brand to include a FREE CUSHIONED MATTRESS with the small size 26″ size chamber as part of the price (along with all other size Summit chambers). Newtowne’s economy 27″ does not include this mattress. It would be a $350 Add-on if desired (all of Newtowne’s other sizes include the mattress).
  • Many people like the clean white appearance and the way light can penetrate because it is semi-translucent. The chamber is brighter inside.
  • Summit & Newtowne include an alarm that goes off if the compressor quits for safety.
  • Summit includes an inside gauge so that you can see the pressure while inside the chamber. Summit is the only brand to include a FREE INSIDE GAUGE with the small size 26″ size chamber as part of the price. Add-on with Newtowne’s 27″ only. All other Newtownes include the gauge.
  • Summit, has developed an exclusive structural design, which makes their chamber lightweight along the top. This unique construction allows the weight of your chamber to not collapse upon you when you enter and and exit, making it simple to close without fighting against your chamber shell’s weight.
  • Summit offers 2 compressor / motors. Newtowne offers the second as an upgraded option for an upgraded price.
  • All the chambers are 90″ long.
  • Summit to Sea is an international brand. They sell their chambers worldwide. Newtowne is USA only.
  • Both Summit and Newtowne are privately owned. This being said, if there is ever any problem you deal with kind, grass roots owners that care about their brands and will go out of their way to help you and not unknown customer service reps.
  • ***SUMMIT TO SEA IS THE ONLY HYPERBARIC BRAND TO HAVE AVAILABLE AN EXCLUSIVE AIR CONDITIONER STYLED AIR COOLER! This cooler lowers air temperature to 5 degrees below the outside room air temperature.
  • “Ocean Bottom Experience.” Shine a color-shifting light along the chamber (with emphasis on the blue light) and the white shell changes color, which will be experienced on the inside effectually as being on the bottom of the Sea.
  • Summit to Sea just came out with an absolutely stunning infomercial – Featured on Modern Living! The video is posted at this link… Kathy Ireland, illustrious supermodel and actress is now one of the most successful woman entrepreneurs. Summit to Sea chambers are showcased on her TV show “Modern Living.” Enjoy!!


  • Special pet chambers for pets

I hope that I’ve broken this down clearly enough for you. Please continue to ask questions and if you’d like give me a call at 512.789.2788

I am a full disclosure dealer – I promise to disclose every detail of what you are paying for!

Be cautious!

There are several dealers will offer you unbelievable bundle-price deals!

Take heed because these unscupulous dealers will not disclose the full details of the truth about the concentrator

Beware of any offer with low, low price o2 concentrators — it might be:

5 liter, manufacturer discontinued 8 liter or used unit or give you a 1 yearand not 3 year warranty

I am available after the sale – I don’t disappear!

You’ll find many of the same chambers on the internet, but who will offer the best service? Please call around — check attitude … and then call on me. I have a solid reputation for making your purchase the easiest around. Test me. Call me for my testimonials.

I will make your purchase a satisfying experience… I promise!

  • I’m newtowne’s number one sales rep
  • I’m first on summit’s distributor list (quantum life force)
  • Many facebook mild hyperbaric group members are my customers. And I am highly recommended!