Molecular Hydrogen

Integrating molecular hydrogen into hyperbaric chambers enhances therapeutic potential. Our advanced chambers combine increased pressure benefits with the antioxidant properties of molecular hydrogen. This synergy supports cellular health, reduces oxidative stress, and promotes overall well-being. Elevate your hyperbaric experience with cutting-edge technology, offering a holistic approach to health and recovery.

#1 Japanese Hydrogen Machine

The Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition is the top hydrogen machine in Japan and is the only machine used in clinic and recommended by Neurosurgeon Dr. Akihiko Adachi MD PhD.

  • The highest purity, medical-grade hydrogen available
  • The only lab-tested and certified hydrogen machine
  • No plated metals, chemicals, or lye used to produce hydrogen
  • 100% engineered and hand-built in Japan

Hydrogen supports cellular health, energy production, cognitive health, and weight management.


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