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Whether you’re considering a hyperbaric chamber for personal use in your home, for the serene environment of a spa, or for the professional setting of a clinic, OxyLife Hyperbaric Chambers are designed to cater to a diverse range of needs and settings. With OxyLife, you can trust in cutting-edge technology that’s as versatile as it is advanced.

OxyLife 2ATA Hard Hyperbaric Chambers


Michele Faber - Owner of Hyperbaric Central
OxyHelp is the Pinnacle of Quality and Reputation! No one else places so much effort and pride into the style and safety of their chambers. OXYHELP IS THE ONLY BRAND CHAMBER TRUSTED AND OWNED BY THE KING OF JORDON … This is the one and only brand to offer the Smart Circuit System, which automatically gives you “hyper-oxygenation” rotating into “relative-hypoxia,” activating your healing system like no other! NO CHAMBER IS MORE INNOVATIVE!

Coming next year Oxyhelp will showcase their Chamber / Red Light Combo features. Keep watching!


OxyLife chambers are so well designed and executed, many chamber competitors have copied our chambers, and now sell similar, dumbed down versions.

Don’t be fooled by look-alikes from China, the USA, UK, Turkey or elsewhere. Shiny chambers with a cheaper price; they don’t match up to OxyLife’s Perfection!

User-friendly HBOT technology for home and professional healthcare. OxyLife Hyperbaric Chambers are exclusively built by a team of designers and engineers dedicated to innovate in the development of hyperbaric oxygen therapy technology for personal and professional use.

**The one chamber safe to use at home or in clinics.**

Oxygen is our living, breathing super hero.

OxyLife Industry* is a certified HBOT device manufacturer and international distributor dedicated to champion the technology and health benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and bridge theory with practice in the design and manufacturing of specialized HBOT mild chambers.

They have become one of the most prestigious companies in Europe that deliver and install digitally controlled pressurized chambers for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy all around the world.

Michele Faber - Owner of Hyperbaric Central

Smart Chamber Intelligent Software – Exclusive To Oxylife Hyperbaric Chambers

The very first Hyperbaric Chamber to offer automatically changeable therapies for maximum therapeutic benefits!

If you have ever heard of the ever popular SUPER-HUMAN PROTOCOL, you don’t want to pass up Oxyhelp chambers. SUPER- HUMAN is an intelligent combination of multiple therapies all-together, where you can get far greater achievements!
  • The Smart System: The ever-changing pulsing of pressure that is specific to your health condition allows you to receive automatic Hyper-Oxygenation / Hypoxia. This has an increasing number of studies that reveal how Pulsed Pressure far outweighs Single ‘Plateau’ pressure. HAVE YOUR CHAMBER AUTOMATICALLY INTELLIGENTLY PULSE YOUR THERAPY
  • The Red Light (LLLT) Therapy System: This goes far beyond simply using a red light. Oxyhelp has developed the INTELLIGENT Red Light System, shifting and changeing to super-enhance your therapy. Even better, NOW your chamber has the option to be wired to use this RED LIGHT SMART SYSTEM INSIDE THE CHAMBER!!


Revolutionary computer synchronized Smart Software has automated built-in specific protocols for the unique needs of your patients. Sets the system up for oxygen-rich/hypoxia benefits. Choose the ideal protocol for their condition and then let it run in a series of up and down cycles. They will experience a more dramatic healing response than with a single pressure, alone. With pressure/oxygen modifications, your body revs up its life force! And it frees up your time. Enjoy some of the most popular automated protocols: Chronic Health, Brain Health, Healthy Aging, Recharge, Gentle Support, Exercise Recovery etc. 8 protocols in all!

OxyLife goal was to create a chamber that not only met rigorous engineering standards but also ensured ease of use for both healthcare experts and self-treating individuals. Their vision included digital operation systems, pioneering materials, adherence to medical protocols, durability, and simplified maintenance and warranty processes.

Their relentless pursuit of excellence led them to partner with industry-leading material providers and auxiliary technology sources. Today, they proudly stand as a leading designer and manufacturer of an exceptional range of medical equipment: the monoplace and multi-place HBOT 2ATA mild-pressure chambers.

So, what makes the OxyLife Smart Chamber unique? It’s all about programmed hyperbaric formatted programs designed to cater to your specific health conditions. Intelligent protocols take the guesswork out of hyperbaric therapy, allowing your chamber to reach new heights of healing.

Unlike traditional single-pressured hyperbaric therapy, Smart Chamber utilizes interval pressure changes that effectively stimulate the immune system. These smart protocols operate independently, making it simple for you to experience the benefits. Each program is carefully crafted to accelerate your body’s natural healing abilities.

The competitor has a build-up of CO2 in their chamber. OxyLife keeps the CO2 levels safe. The competitor uses 4.6mm Acrylic Windows vs. OxyLife’s 10mm Polycarbonate Window – used in aircraft. Stronger & more durable.

Michele Faber - Owner of Hyperbaric Central

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