Something interesting to know: pressure pushes oxygen deeper into the cells normal blood circulation does!

Also the oxygen when circulating through the blood liquid can bypass constrictions due to injury. HBOT increases lymphatic flow, spinal fluid flow, builds blood vessels to better transport o2. It regrows blood vessels to the heart.

Under 3ATA you no longer need to have Blood Cells if you can believe that!!

Concentrated and pure Oxygen under pressure creates 300-600% increase in oxygen delivery to all of our cells at 1.3-1.5 atmospheres. HBOT decreases inflammation, promotes regeneration and rejuvenation of cells and tissues, improved detoxification by increasing lymphatic flow, pushes blood deeper into our tissues and exceeds normal range of oxygen penetration into our brain, organs, muscles and joints. Promotes angiogenesis and stem cells released in our brain and body for healing. It also improved autonomic nervous system function for those with dysregulation such as POTS, orthotic hypotension, et cetera. Pressure changes oxygen from a gas to a liquid form so that it is dissolved into the plasma, or fluid of our blood rather than only carried by red blood cells, whose numbers and circulation capabilities are limited. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy creates limitless healing opportunities for many individuals with a myriad of conditions such as concussion, Lyme disease, migraine, headache, brain injury, post-surgical healing, burns/cuts/wound healing, spinal pain, joint pain, strain/sprain, traumatic brain injury (concussion), other neurological and systemic conditions. Anxiety, stress and depression are often improved with HBOT. Overall, improving general health and optimizing performance and slowing down aging as recent research has started to uncover.