In this episode I am discussing with Dr. Jason Sonners, DC how to get the full benefit from Oxygen that floods our bodies during Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy session. Dr. Jason shares his latest research and findings on benefits of the increased Pressure and Oxygen, as well as his thoughts on other mechanisms that might be responsible for the beneficial effects of Hyperbarics.

Dr. Sonners has been on “Hyperbaric Living with Dr. Masha” show before, you can listen to the previous episode here:… Dr. Jason Sonners YouTube channel (HBOT USA):    / hbotusa   Dr. Jason Sonners can be found at: &


00:00 INTRO

01:53 What is the role of pressure in Hyperbaric therapy?

05:32 Is there a limit to an amount of oxygen that we can absorb?

10:17 The difference between central nervous system toxicity and pulmonary toxicity

13:38 Dr. Sonners’ opinion about sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber

15:26 What is the optimal time spent inside the chamber

18:50 Understanding the different gases involved. The role of nitrogen in HBOT

23:57 The role of pressure independently of the role of oxygen in HBOT

27:47 The role of oxidative stress

30:55 How to choose the right pressure and oxygen concentration

33:58 HBOT USA Hyperbaric Certification course More benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in the playlist:    • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy   Hyperbaric Living with Dr.Masha on Instagram:   / hyperbaric_living  

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