Mild hyperbarics for Infertility Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, an established medical treatment usually conducted under conditions of 2026–3039 hPa with 100% oxygen, has been investigated for improving female and male infertility. However, several side effects, including barotrauma and excessive production of reactive oxygen species, associated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, have been reported. Low metabolism in the uterus and ovaries may be a factor responsible for infertility since the former reduces the ability of fertilized eggs to remain in the uterus.


Mild hyperbarics for Infertility: Exposure to mild hyperbaric oxygen has been suggested to enhance oxygen supply to cells and tissues, thus improving oxidative metabolism, without barotrauma and excessive production of reactive oxygen species. New blood vessels – HBOT increases the production of new blood vessels. This means better blood flow, allowing your overall fertility system to function better. In a recent study women with intractable infertility, who had previously received over 5 embryo transfers with a low clinical pregnancy rate (4.9%) and without birth, were exposed to mild hyperbaric oxygen before receiving any further embryo transfer. As a result, 13 women achieved clinical pregnancy with a rate of 13.8%; 5 women gave birth after in vitro fertilization treatment. Two women achieved natural conception and gave birth.…/10.1007/s12576-019-00678-5