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My daughter and I started Mhbot five months ago and we have seen a lot of progress that I wanted to share. I originally bought my home chamber to treat her neurological conditions from a brain injury occurring after birth from a severe TBI . We started therapy using only use a soft home chamber that did 1.3 ata.

I wanted to share with you some of our progression we have seen. She has a range of neurological issues from a brain injury including epilepsy, HIE and feeding restrictions leading to a feeding tube.

Denise suffered a traumatic brain injury two years ago. She has cerebralsy , dystonia, brainstorming and a lot of other diagnosis that stem her brain injury. We have done 130 home dives now starting Mhbot five months ago . We tried every therapy from daily physical , occupational, speech, water therapy along with detoxing and diets. I never saw much improvement from any thing , except the Mhbot, it’s changed everything for her. She recently starting sitting up independently after completing the first 50 dives, some thing that she was not strong enough to do before , she’s been holding toys and trying to walk with her new strength.

All of these things were out of reach for her last year and before MHBOT. She had a “c” shape form the cerebralsy, lacked any strength and had a bad sensory and visual disorder(cvi). Her back and form is now corrected. Denise also had a visual impairment that made her eyes crooked. The dives have helped her vision and fixed them over time allowing her to excel in her physical therapy and motor functions. Her vision has also improved and it’s visible in her pictures.

Her thumbs/fists are not so tight which she use to need braces for and her eyes look straighter. It fixed her tone so much that we no longer use any braces. We have been able to wean off almost all medications that were being used to manage her anxiety, tone, and pain in the past that is now healed from within.

Our dives have healed a large range of her conditions already from vision, spasticity, anxiety, headaches, mood, more strength, and have helped her overall recovery dramatically. I really feel our treatment has given me back my daughter that was once lost . I hope to share this to help inspire others to try it for their loved ones.“

– Christie W (August 18, 2019)