“It may never be too late to treat”

It’s important to understand the potential value of delayed treatment treating an injury with HBOT at the time it occurs may be the only first step in the best of all possible worlds, emergency department specialists and personnel will explain the importance of follow-up evaluation and care, however, even if you or a loved one has experienced a injury in the past and it is no longer an emergency, HBOT may still be of great help to you.
Dr. Duncan brought his brother to me a few years ago,44 years after his brothers head injury and only a month after HBOT, he began bathing daily. We saw that his insight and speech improved significantly, in addition the frequency of his seizures decreased when he went back home to California he showed up for work every day, which resulted in a promotion. Because his conversation skills have improved, he interacted in ways that were appropriate to each situation and he was able to remember what he said minutes before, arguably the greatest improvement was the end to the repetitive unchanging conversational loops that would continue our after hour, adding up to days and months and years, which drove family members crazy. The end of these loops alone made him much easier to live with and be around. Only the love of a mother could endure that type of interaction .
The improvements that we saw in Dr. Duncan‘s Brother affected everyone involved in his care and raised his quality of life. To the family, the change in their loved one was nothing short of a miracle. But medically, miracle or not, it shows the importance of considering delayed treatment.
“The oxygen revolution: third edition “
by Dr. Paul Harch M.D.