The documented accomplishments at HBOT of Idaho provide compelling evidence of the potential of mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to yield significant improvements across various medical conditions. Here are some notable highlights:

  • Relief from Concussions: Following just 10 sessions of mHBOT, patients experienced a notable reduction in headaches and sensitivity to light after recent concussions. Complementary approaches like CBG by PrimeMyBody and targeted nutritional assistance played a pivotal role in achieving these outcomes.
  • Triumph over Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): A patient below the age of 14, who underwent 40 mHBOT sessions within a month, exhibited positive changes in qEEG results and clinical symptoms related to attention and memory. An array of supplementary methods, including neurofeedback, Omega-3s, and B complex vitamins, contributed to this remarkable transformation.
  • Recovery from Stroke: In one instance, 10 mHBOT sessions led to significant improvement, while 40 sessions resulted in near-complete restoration of speech and walking capabilities. These achievements were further boosted by complementary strategies such as PEMF, red light therapy, and Nattokinase.
  • Hope for Alzheimer’s: A two-month regimen of mHBOT spanning 40 sessions showcased improved mood, sleep quality, memory, and revitalized interests for patients grappling with Alzheimer’s disease. Additional complementary practices encompassed PEMF, red light therapy, and a whole-food plant-based diet.
  • Triumph over Vascular Necrosis: A month-long series of 30 mHBOT sessions resulted in observable bone growth, as evidenced by pre- and post-x-ray comparisons. Complementary approaches like PEMF, red light therapy, GHK-Cu peptide, and others played a pivotal role in this process.
  • Avoided Rotator-Cuff Surgery: Within one month, 40 mHBOT sessions resulted in the avoidance of rotator-cuff surgery, allowing the patient to regain arm mobility without pain. Supplementary measures involved the use of PEMF, which significantly aided in resolving mobility issues post-wound healing.
  • Neuro-Lyme Relief: In the span of a month, 40 mHBOT sessions led to a notable increase in energy and cognitive function for a patient dealing with neuro-Lyme. Complementary therapies encompassed PEMF, red light, fulvic acid, and humic acid.
  • Pneumonia Recovery: Despite having pneumonia, 20 mHBOT sessions over two weeks, combined with antibiotics, resulted in enhanced lung capacity as evidenced by pre-to-post-test measurements.
  • Autism Progress: After engaging in 40 mHBOT sessions during one month, a patient with autism demonstrated significant enhancements in social functioning, critical thinking, imaginative play, and reduced impulsivity. Additional therapies included PEMF and a red-light pad positioned within the chamber on the brainstem and stomach, alongside methyl-B12 shots and CellCore products.
  • Mitigated Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Over the course of a month and through 40 mHBOT sessions, a reduction in thyroglobulin antibody levels and clinical symptom amelioration were observed in 75% of mHBOT users and 100% of those who combined mHBOT with red light therapy.
  • Enhanced Cerebral Palsy Condition: After undergoing 40 mHBOT sessions in a month, improvements in gross and fine motor functions, sleep quality, and anxiety reduction were seen in cerebral palsy patients. While positive effects on walking appeared to regress after one month post-treatment, continuous long-term treatment might be necessary to sustain these benefits.


The accomplishments documented at HBOT of Idaho vividly depict the transformative power of mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT). These instances of relief, recovery, and resilience underscore its ability to improve various medical conditions. Integrating mHBOT with complementary therapies underscores a holistic approach that amplifies its positive impact. These stories of success stand as evidence of mHBOT’s potential—a beacon of hope rooted in science and affirmed by the exceptional results it delivers to those seeking healing and enhanced well-being.


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