Cell signaling – how the cells communicate to the brain + mild stress on the body, stress that heals!

  • Genetic envronment affects the cellular expression, degeneration
  • If we can have an effect we can improve health
  • Is the stressor on your body making u weaker or stronger.
  • Hbot is a stressor that makes you and your cells stronger and healthier
  • Stem cells and growth factors improve. Get stem cells out of senescence state.
  • Increase size and density of mitochondria

Dr Sonners gives you a great explanation of how HBOT builds stem cells through communication improvement.

In part 5 of our hyperbaric chamber benefits series we’ll discuss healing with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. So far in this series on hyperbaric chamber benefits we’ve largely discussed some of the science behind how it works and why hyperbaric oxygen therapy is able to do something that no other modality right now has the capacity to replicate. We’ve also talked about some of the mechanisms behind hyperbaric oxygen therapy and then we went into some of the short-term and long-term effects and benefits of hyperbaric.

The short-term being a little bit more involved with increasing an overall oxygenation of our blood, which means getting more oxygen into our body and ultimately to our mitochondria. A lot of the short-term effects have to do with the fuel side of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how getting more oxygen into the mitochondria allows for a more effective and efficient production of energy, as well as an increased capacity for making energy. The other side of the equation with hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the healing and regeneration of cells and tissues.

Studies indicate a lot of that is due to the cell signaling cascades that are stimulated in the hyperbaric chamber. By going into the hyperbaric chamber we’re getting excess saturation of oxygen, dissolving oxygen beyond the red blood cell carrying capacity. And then when we get out of the chamber that oxygen doesn’t have the pressure to stay in circulation. So as we get out, the oxygen starts leaving circulation, interacting with our cells and triggering certain receptors.

Basically pressure sensors and oxygen sensors in our cells are triggered when we’re inside the hyperbaric chamber. When we get out of the chamber, that seems to have this massive effect on healing and regeneration. And that’s what we’ll be discussing more in depth in this video on hyperbaric chamber benefits.


0:00 Healing with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

1:22 Your level of health equals your cell’s signaling ability

3:34 Genetics and Epigenetics

5:08 Hormesis & Stress

7:05 Hormetic Curve

9:21 Intermittent Hypoxia-Hyperoxia

12:40 Reactive oxygen species & free radicals

14:59 HIF 1

15:30 Sirtuins