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4 psi Mild Hyperbaric Chambers are effective. You can see evidence here. Gerlinde and Luis’ lives changed when Luis suffered a serious stroke. Now see how thrilled she is by the results she’s getting with her portable hyperbaric chamber:   

November 13th: Luis is now walking. There are major speech and mental improvements. Not only that. A client who had two mini-strokes, after just 10 treatments can now walk on a walker. She is not so confused and distraught. And there is more clarity.

September 17th: “Luis is progressing I think faster than I thought was possible, he’s speaking in sentences now but the biggest importance is the fact his understanding what you are saying and that started just after 6 treatments he’s had now 45 treatments leg has less pain so now he can move. So many other personal improvements can’t list lol”

July 23rd: “Luis is doing great he had so far 13 treatments, already his speech is turning into sentences, small ones but you can tell he’s understanding what I’m saying so he is responding, we have accomplished so much already, it is given him hope we are so excited, I’ve done 17 treatments so far I can’t tell you the amazing energy and the fog in my brain has lifted I could get addicted to HBOT for sure.”  This is a video by Gerlinde, my overjoyed client. She just purchased a Hyperbaric Chamber. This video is of her hubby, Luis, who after only TWO treatments has begun to lift his affected leg.