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Hard vs. Soft Hyperbaric Chambers – Which Is Better?

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When it comes to a hard or soft hyperbaric chamber, which is better?

What are the differences between a hard and soft chamber? Can a soft chamber do what a hard chamber can? Can you reap hyperbaric chamber benefits regardless of what kind of chamber you use? It’s important to understand the differences between these pieces of equipment so that we can best understand how to apply hyperbaric oxygen therapy for whatever your health concern might be (or a patient’s health concern, if you’re in a clinic treating patients). There’s a huge misunderstanding between the different types of hyperbaric chambers that exist, and what we can hope to accomplish using the different chambers for different health-related concerns or goals.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the differences and help guide you as you consider which type of chamber is right for you and your situation.


  • 0:00 Hard or Soft Hyperbaric Chamber?
  • 1:17 Either way, we need an increase in pressure
  • 2:43 Pressurized with regular air or 100% oxygen
  • 3:07 Oxygen delivery
  • 3:33 Replace this clip
  • 4:17 Oxygen is NOT absorbed through the skin
  • 5:44 What can hard chambers do that soft cannot?
  • 6:44 Applying the mechanisms of action
  • 7:18 Research on soft chambers is building
  • 8:31 Complexity differences
  • 12:12 Get certified in HBOT! 

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