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Dr. Garry A. Warner D.C. – I have a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at my Denver clinic. I’ve helped a number of Broncos members. And I, myself, have achieved results with an upper neuron motor lesion injury. I couldn’t stand on my feet for long without hanging onto something. I’ve now completely regained my balance. In addition, all of my nerve-related symptoms are gone. I’m slowly but surely regaining feeling. My patients are similarly experiencing miraculous results. One of my patients had lost her ability to play piano due to a brain injury. She called me after just two treatments, excited that she could play again. HBOT is helping a COPD patient to be able to breathe freely again. It seems that the lower pressure is benefiting him, whereas a high-pressure chamber would be dangerous for this condition. mHBOT opens a new frontier of health for COPD. This and much more!