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I recently bought a Newtowne Hyperbaric Chamber & Airsep oxygen concentrator & i just wanted to say that if anyone is looking for help or to buy one, Michelle Faber is truly amazing; not only is she really nice, super knowledgeable & very patient, but she also has some of the BEST customer service that I’ve ever experienced. She is always there to answer questions or to help with anything. We encountered a few issues when trying to buy the Airsep & Michelle went above & beyond to solve the problems. I truly don’t know what I would have done without her & I cant recommend her enough. Thank you Michelle for everything!
Beth Piver

My Story

Hyperbaric Central: Changing the way you heal one breath at a time!

I’m not quite the standard Hyperbaric salesman. I represent Hyperbaric chambers, completely because I’m a happy customer, myself. Like many of you, I also struggle with health challenges and have gained a great deal of energy-zation and healing from my own chamber. I gravitate toward things that work. So I speak from a personal level. I relate. And I sell only what I believe in. I love helping people. I am not a big ol’ business. I’m small & grassroots much like yourself, and so speaking to me will always be personal. Please check my website out further & lets talk —

Be Cautious!

There are several Hyperbaric Dealers that will offer you unbelievable Bundle-Price Deals! Take heed, because these unscrupulous dealers WILL NOT DISCLOSE THE FULL DETAILS.

Pleasant service … No BS:

  • Beware of any offer with low, low price Oxygen Concentrators — it may be:5 Liter, Manufacturer Discontinued 8 Liter or a Used Unit, or it may offer just ONE and not THREE YEAR WARRANTY
  • You’ll find many of the same Hyperbaric chambers on the internet, but who will offer you the best service and the kindest attitude?

I return after the Sale!

  • I won’t disappear once you purchase.

My business stands out because I offer you outstanding customer service and a caring customer relationship. My AIM is always your satisfaction and health recovery!

Call around — check attitude … and then CALL ME! I have a solid reputation for making your Hyperbaric chamber purchase the easiest around. Check my testimonials. Test me. I will make your purchase a satisfying experience


Receive videos and more information about hyperbaric chambers and health conditions associated. If you have a specific need, please comment in the box below:

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