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I recently bought a Newtowne Hyperbaric Chamber & Airsep oxygen concentrator & i just wanted to say that if anyone is looking for help or to buy one, Michelle Faber is truly amazing; not only is she really nice, super knowledgeable & very patient, but she also has some of the BEST customer service that I’ve ever experienced. She is always there to answer questions or to help with anything. We encountered a few issues when trying to buy the Airsep & Michelle went above & beyond to solve the problems. I truly don’t know what I would have done without her & I cant recommend her enough. Thank you Michelle for everything!
Beth Piver

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Hyperbaric Central: Changing the way you heal one breath at a time!

Michelle Faber: Owner of Hyperbaric Central & YOUR SUPPORT

I’m not quite the standard Hyperbaric salesman. I represent Hyperbaric chambers, completely because I’m a happy customer, myself. Like many of you, I also struggle with health challenges and have gained a great deal of energy-zation and healing from my own chamber. I gravitate toward things that work. So I speak from a personal level. I relate. And I sell only what I believe in. I love helping people. I am not a big ol’ business. I’m small & grassroots much like yourself, and so speaking to me will always be personal. Please check my website out further & lets talk —

Be Cautious! 
Beware of Hyperbaric Hustlers!!!

There are several Hyperbaric Dealers that will offer you unbelievable Bundle-Price Deals! Take heed, because these unscrupulous dealers WILL NOT DISCLOSE THE FULL DETAILS.

Pleasant service … No BS:

  • I won’t reel you in with Bait ‘n Switch. I will advertise a low price chamber only to try and upsell you to an expensive model.
  • I tell you the facts. I give you full transparency about chamber availability, chamber production details. I will never lie and say a chamber is ‘In Stock‘ when it is not.  With me, you’ll get the FACTS.
  • UNLIKE THE HYPERBARIC MANUFACTURERS, I AM AVAILABLE MOST DAYS: 7 DAYS/WEEK. NO LONG-TERM WAITS FOR ANSWERS. I’m reachable and you won’t have to wait long to hear back from me when you reach out to me. I offer Immediate Attention, available to answer your questions when you need answers, with no long delays – Always try to stay close to my phone!
  • Beware of any offer with low, low price Oxygen Concentrators — it may be:5 Liter, Manufacturer Discontinued 8 Liter or a Used Unit, or it may offer just ONE and not THREE YEAR WARRANTY.
  • You’ll find many of the same Hyperbaric chambers on the internet, but who will offer you the best service and the kindest attitude?

I return after the Sale!

  • I won’t disappear once you purchase.

My business stands out because I offer you outstanding customer service and a caring customer relationship. My AIM is always your satisfaction and health recovery!

Call around — check attitude … and then CALL ME! I have a solid reputation for making your Hyperbaric chamber purchase the easiest around. Check my testimonials. Test me. I will make your purchase a satisfying experience.



Christie Wygant Hyperbaric centralChristie Wygant

Research & Research Contributor

Christie is a ‘Mom with a Mission’. A while back, she set out to help her beautiful daughter, Denise with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and has made miraculous strides. Due to the magic of Hyperbaric she began a journey to assist other moms and dads through her organization, ‘ Hope for Denise’ and has become the lead admin for Facebook Group, ‘MHBOT Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy’. Because of the great wealth of knowledge Christie has gained, I’m proud to announce that she is now my a relished part of my team: Director of Research & Information Contribution here at Hyperbaric Central!


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