Chuck Norris praises Dr. Paul Harch for saving the life of drowning victim, little Eden Carlson is now being hailed as one of the first such confirmed cases of brain damage being reversed using this alternative treatment.

Dr. Harch goes on to explain that every time you experience hyperbaric oxygen therapy you are Chuck Norrismanipulating gene expression in a beneficial way, inhibiting cell death and inflammation while promoting tissue growth and repair. He has also stressed that his report does not claim to “resurrect” brain cells with oxygen treatments, as some critics have implied, but rather, he says that the oxygen treatments led to the growth of brain tissue, likely because the oxygen stimulated the expression of certain genes.

But there are other successes in the field to report. From Vets with PTSD to Diabetes patients.


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NOTE FROM MARGIE LEMONS. They own an industrial chamber, kept in their home. I saw he and his wife on a tv show recently. His wife was very, very ill and had to go alternative. They showed the room in her home where she had her recovery eqmt, they held part of the interview next to the industrial HBOT as they discussed how much money they had spent on her health. She traced her illness back to the contrast chemical they use for MRI’s. She had MANY MRI’s for arthritis.