Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Healthy?

HBOT is safe and poses no risk to human health. It is used to treat a range of conditions and injuries. Additionally, it can offer a range of benefits to healthy individuals.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a treatment that utilizes oxygen to achieve various outcomes. When receiving this treatment, you are required to enter into a special chamber. 

In the chamber, you will breathe pure oxygen in air pressure levels ranging from 1.5 to 3 times higher than average. Understanding some of the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be key to appreciating why you may need to go for it.

How Long Do The Effects Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Last?

HBOT sessions can last anything between 3 minutes to 2 hours. Individuals that use it as a treatment option can attend several sessions throughout the week or month. In consultation with a therapy provider, those who use it for other benefits can decide how many sessions are ideal.

Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

Here are some of the most critical benefits of receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

1. Manages Swelling and Pain 

Wound injuries often damage the blood vessels and tissue in the human body. This can result in the improper flow of blood, leading to swelling and pain. It is equally important to note that such injuries can cause leaks into tissues and thus result in swelling. 

When your body swells, the result is oxygen deprivation in various areas. HBOT helps because it ensures that oxygen-rich plasma reaches the intended areas, speeds up wound healing, and effectively reduces swelling and pain.

2. Increase White Blood Cell Production

White blood cells are among the most important cells in the human body. They form the primary defense against diseases and infections. In other words, these cells are responsible for removing germs and contaminants from your body to ensure you are healthy. 

They fight organisms such as viruses and bacteria, otherwise leading to sickness. So when you decide to go for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you’ll be ensuring that the body receives an abundance of oxygen, which stimulates the production of white blood cells. 

With more white blood cells in your body, your immune system will be better equipped to deal with any threat that would cause disease or illness.

3. Overall Brain Health 

Another important benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is that it can help improve the brain’s overall health. This encompasses both mental and physical aspects of the brain. 

By improving blood flow to the brain, an individual inevitably enjoys better structural development of the brain. In addition, the increased supply of oxygen to the brain helps improve the day-to-day functioning of the organ, which plays a critical role in improving mental health.

4. Overall Body Health 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps improve the flow of blood throughout the body. That means the nutrients and minerals in the blood are likely to flow seamlessly to every part of the body. HBOT also improves the amount of oxygen in the blood, meaning that tissue oxygenation will improve, thus promoting overall body health.

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