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Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) at 1.3 ATA in the United States, it’s widely recognized as a treatment for acute mountain sickness, especially by insurance providers. However, there’s a larger potential that goes beyond this. Our practical knowledge indicates that HBOT could be beneficial in many other situations, even though scientific research is still progressing. Let’s explore some of the additional uses for mild HBOT at 1.3 ATA:

  1. Quick Energy Boost: Short HBOT sessions, typically around 30 minutes, can provide an energy boost for many individuals.
  2. Cognitive Optimization: HBOT has the potential to improve cognitive function in the short, medium, and long term.
  3. Cardiac Optimization: Consider using HBOT before endurance or high-intensity workouts to maximize oxygen-carrying capacity, enhancing athletic performance.
  4. Workout Recovery: HBOT aids in delivering oxygen to tissues and promoting detox, making it beneficial for post-workout recovery.
  5. Immune System Boost: Known since the 1980s, HBOT can boost immune system function, even at mild pressures.
  6. Jet Lag: Counteract the effects of low oxygen levels during air travel by using HBOT to reverse hypoxia quickly.
  7. Sensory Deprivation: In a soft chamber, you have the option to meditate and disconnect from the world, promoting relaxation.

Regenerative Medicine Synergy

Combining HBOT with therapies like PRP can accelerate recovery, with studies like one involving rugby players showcasing promising results. Additionally, the synergy between HBOT and exogenous stem cells and other regenerative products is gaining attention.


At higher pressures, HBOT’s oxidative effects can effectively combat anaerobic and facultative anaerobic bugs, including MRSA and Lyme disease, along with potential benefits against fungi and viruses.

Pre/Post-Surgery Optimization

Hyperoxygenation before and after surgery can significantly reduce recovery times.

Workout Recovery

While mild HBOT offers benefits for recovery, deeper pressures can provide even greater advantages, albeit with potential oxidative stress risks.

Injury Recovery (Outside the CNS)

HBOT’s ability to deliver more oxygen to tissues, reduce inflammation, release stem cells, and combat infections makes it valuable for nearly any type of injury.

Reverse Aging

Ongoing research, exemplified by programs in Israel and some US clinics, explores how HBOT may contribute to reversing aging by promoting tissue regeneration, vascular density, and more.


HBOT can increase uterine lining thickness, facilitating embryo implantation, and improving sexual function.

Cancer Synergy

While HBOT is approved for treating radiation therapy complications, it also shows promise when combined with chemotherapy, radiation, ketogenic diets, and oxidative strategies.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (UC and Crohn’s Colitis)

Clinical evidence suggests that HBOT may put challenging cases into remission.

Chronic Fatigue

Although multifactorial, HBOT has shown promise in alleviating symptoms of chronic fatigue, particularly when part of an integrative approach.

HBOT has proven highly effective in addressing this chronic pain syndrome.


While higher pressures have been studied more extensively, potential benefits of mild HBOT at 1.3 ATA should not be overlooked.

Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion

Promising protocols for acute concussions are emerging, with benefits observed at both 1.5 ATA and 1.3 ATA, though 1.5 ATA tends to yield faster results.


At Hyperbaric Central, we believe in the power of HBOT to promote healing and optimization. While HBOT is a versatile technology with significant potential benefits, it should be approached thoughtfully, considering individual needs and optimizing nutritional status. When used judiciously and under proper guidance, HBOT can be a valuable tool on your journey to better health and well-being. Stay informed and make informed choices with Hyperbaric Central as your trusted resource.


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