Wondering What Oxygen Concentrator To Buy?

There are 2 issues to consider when buying a Oxygen Concentrator:

1. Back Pressure (psi)
2. Flow (how many liters per minute)


FLOW:  Although most popular Oxygen Concentrators are at 5 liters of flow or the higher 8 liter, unfortunately won’t do. In order to bypass the 4psi pressure of your chamber, it requires a minimum flow of any Oxygen Concentrator of 10 liters.

BACK PRESSURE: Back pressure must be above the chamber pressure or it won’t have the power to bring concentrated air in. The higher the concentrator’s pressure, the easier it is for more pure oxygen to be concentrated and delivered to your body.

I particularly like the Drive Devilbiss DS1025 10lpm Oxygen Concentrator.  Devilbiss offers you the right strength and power because of its 20psi back pressure.  20psi pressure won’t strain to push a hight percentage of pure oxygen into the chamber.

20psi also outputs less noise environment, because it doesn’t have to strain in the process of bypassing your chamber’s pressure. Airsep Oxygen Concentrators deliver more concentrated oxygen at a Price that I’ve found to be no higher than that of other brands.

For more information about an Devilbiss Oxygen Concentrator

The lower liters per minute concentratros are less expensive but also less efficient efficient for hyperbaric therapy. The undo stress on the concentrator’s compressor casues a loud and sounds closer to a high pitch helium balloon tank filling up balloons. If a chamber is at 4psi and the concentrator only goes up to 5 psi, then it will have to work harder and create much more noise, usually a higher pitch tone, not the soothing baritone noise. The higher the pressure, usually on the more expensive models, allows for more oxygen to be concentrated. They deliver more pure oxygen to the chamber. 


10 LPM Oxygen Concentrator Options

There are 3 choices that I have found on the market:

  • Drive Devilbiss DS1025
  • Airsep Newlife Intensity 10
  • Nidek Pro 10

All three brands work well for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The major advantage of Devilbiss is that it offers you a 3 year warranty. The others only offer you 1 year. If ever your concentrator needs repair, all 3 brands require for you to ship the unit back at your cost.  Devilbiss and Pro will ship it back to you at their cost.  However, Airsep requires for you to pay the shipping back to you on your own. 

I have been told by several repair professonals the Devilbiss has the strongest, most durable motor. Pro has an excellent motor as well, however shipping is very difficult, and breakage is common when shipped.

Finally, for all of the benefits that Devilbiss offers, it far out-prices the other two brands for affordability. 


Why buy an Oxygen Concentrator?

Many people find that a session with an Oxygen Concentrator gives them up to 4 times the impact. A session without a concentrator may require staying in the chamber about 4 times as long (4 hours is like 1 hour with a concentrator).