OxyHeal Intelligent Hyperbaric Chambers

The OxyLife 2 ATA SMART Hyperbaric Chamber for Home, Spa or Clinic.

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Introducing Programmed Hyperbaric Formatted Programs that run the chamber for your particular health condition needs!

Not all chambers are created Equal!
OxyLife features our exclusive Smart Chamber. Allow these intelligent protocols to bring your chamber to new heights of healing!
Interval pressure changes stimulate the power of the immune system better than single-pressured hyperbaric therapy. OxyLifes protocols are smart, and they run independently, keeping it simple. Programs vary by condition, designed to accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal.


OxyLife 2ATA Hard Hyperbaric Chambers

by Power Space Intelligent Solution

Oxyhelp 2ATA Hyperbaric

OxyLife chambers are so well designed and executed, many chamber competitors have copied our chambers, and now sell similar, dumbed down versions.
Don’t be fooled by look-alikes from China, the USA, UK, Turkey or elsewhere. Shiny chambers with a cheaper price; they don’t match up to OxyLife’s Perfection!


User-friendly HBOT technology for home and professional healthcare. OxyLife Hyperbaric Chambers are exclusively built by a team of designers and engineers dedicated to innovate in the development of hyperbaric oxygen therapy technology for personal and professional use.

**The one chamber safe to use at home or in clinics.**


Oxygen is our living, breathing super hero

OxyLife Industry* is a certified HBOT device manufacturer and international distributor dedicated to champion the technology and health benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and bridge theory with practice in the design and manufacturing of specialized HBOT mild chambers.

We have become one of the most prestigious companies in Europe that deliver and install digitally controlled pressurized chambers for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy all around the world.

Oxyhelp 2ata hyperbaric

2ATA Hard Chamber for Home or Clinic

Higher Pressure with Safety-First!


Our quest started with a simple question


How can we design and build a cost effective HBOT chamber for physicians, safe for patients, fit for medical clinics and wellness centers, also ideal for home use?


We took our time to research the available technology to update it to our engineering standards – simple and safe to use for expert personnel and self-treating patients, highly functional, digitally operated, innovative in regards to materials and medical protocols, durable and easily serviceable in terms of maintenance and warranty.

We took the OxyLife mission one step further and enriched our know-how with extensive research and documentation in the theoretical aspects of HBOT to actually bring innovation in the field, like digitally controlled operation systems or highly efficient ventilation for safety and comfort.

We have sourced the best providers of materials and auxiliary technology to become one of the leading designers and manufacturers of this amazing line of medical equipment – the monoplace and multi-place HBOT 2ATA mild-pressure chambers.

The competitor has a build-up of CO2 in their chamber. OxyLife keeps the CO2 levels safe.

The competitor uses 4.6mm Acrylic Windows vs. OxyLife’s 10mm Polycarbonate Window – used in aircraft. Stronger & more durable.


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PEMF System

Increase the benefits of HBOT and reduce harmful effects of Negative EMF's. Learn more


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