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Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Brain Wellness
A patient recently said to me, “that Oxygen chamber is better than a cup of coffee.” Brain wellness, why don’t we discuss this topic more? We’re so obsessed with nutrition and exercise that we forget about a fundamental requirement for the brain, Oxygen.
Unfortunately, many of us do not get enough Oxygen required by the brain to work at our full potential. The reason is that our brain is its own worst enemy. It controls the delivery of Oxygen via blood flow, which makes it susceptible to further damage. The more strained it becomes, the less Oxygen it can deliver to itself. The deeper areas of our brain that require the most Oxygen are often the most affected. It’s a cycle that must be broken.
To break the cycle, we must find a way to deliver more oxygen to the brain. Fortunately, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy does just that. As explained by Henry’s Law of Gases, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy increases oxygen content through increasing atmospheric pressure.
This forces Oxygen molecules 400% deeper into the brain, regardless of blood flow as Oxygen molecules are much smaller than the red blood cells that carry them and can diffuse through plasma to the abyss of our deep brain structures. We see the greatest effect in the areas of the brain that are the most hypoxic, or in the greatest need of Oxygen.
This forces healing and allows the brain to reconnect, while also improving normal blood flow and forming long-term changes.
What happens next is amazing, the brain simply heals. It’s like watering a seed, all it needed was some water and it can flourish beyond imagination.
However, because of stress, lack of sleep, lifestyle, toxins in our food and environment, illness, et cetera, we must do something to maintain these levels of Oxygen so that we maintain our brain health.
Usage of the chamber varies from 3-5 times per week, to once per month. It depends on the individual needs that you require to maintain optimal brain health. I have yet to find something so simple, yet with such tremendous results as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. I personally attempt to use the chamber 2-3 times per week over my lunch break, working on cases and managing my business while I’m bathing my brain in its fundamental building block, Oxygen. I have personally noticed a tremendous positive change in my life thanks to hyperbarics and I’m incredibly passionate about helping others achieve the same level of wellness.