Hayley Brown has reviewed her Amazing Experience with QRS PEMF together with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

We have been using QRS for the last six years in our clinic. Michelle Faber is right. I needed a PEMF system because I had terminal cancer (now in remission for six years) an American doctor recommended PEMF to me for breast cancer. When my family did a heap of research they found that QRS had the best pedigree. Since then we have been using QRS on hundreds of people in New Zealand. The results can be astonishing and seeing is believing! They work very well on a raft of illnesses. The nearest things that we treat to what you are looking for are various types of stroke. When we treat stroke patients or people with cerebral hemorrhage damage we use a combination of QRS BEFORE mild HBOT and we also use an M1 device inside the chamber during the oxygen therapy. With low oxygen environments (mild pressure) there is no risk to the patient. You can also use the M1 during the day because it is mobile. You still need the QRS as this treatment is a systemic rather than a localized one. Both are required for maximum repair. We use a Brain Gauge test from Cortical metrics to track the repair to the brain and it shows improvement in about 96% of people that we apply it to. They FEEL better and their previous problems are diminished so we can cross-reference their Brain Gauge results with their observations.
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