Despite its odd history , hyperbaric oxygen therapy flourished in the field of diving medicine is an effective treatment for decompression sickness.
Henry’s law is also one of the universal gas laws which states that the amount of gas that is dissolved and any liquid changes with the pressure of the gas, so if the pressure of the gas increases, more of the gas is dissolved in the liquid and if the pressure of the gas decreases, more of the gas comes out of the liquid. This is true for all gases. The diagram shows two glasses of liquid the interface with a gas at two different pressures.
In hyperbaric oxygen therapy it is the oxygen in dissolved in the blood that is so important. At 1.5 atmospheres of pure oxygen for instance, we have seven times the oxygen dissolved in our blood that we are breathing air at sea level, it is dissolved oxygen that is the primary response for the healing effects of HBOT.
Source: “The oxygen Revolution third edition “ by : Paul Harch M.D.