So, Why Will PEMF Enhance Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

As of late, I’ve been seeing beaucoups of posts with inquiries about PEMF or coil pads posted on FB. It turns out I just received my own PEMF and am stunned by just a couple of days’ use. And because I felt an impact, I want to write this as little series. I see a match made in heaven between my mat and my chamber. 

A majority of people involved with HBOT are, unfortunately, pummeled with cancer or another long-term health condition. So, a lot of us have purchased our own Hyperbaric Chambers or else work with our doc’s chamber. And we get results. Our fabulous chambers bathe our bodies in oxygen. And that leads us toward recovery since the added pressure inside the chamber drenches the bloodstream with a mass of oxygen. The pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber is not unlike that of a can of Coke. In other words, pressurizing a can of liquid allows it to hang onto more o2 than it’s normally capable of. Thus, extra pressure on our body is able to jam-pack at least 30% more oxygen into our blood plasma. The plasma isn’t normally loaded with oxygen, and with a new source of the anti-aging stuff of life, we get to nourish and heal the regions where we need the regeneration.

Now add to this picture, a PEMF mat. PEMF or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy is like adding a horse to our Hyperbaric carriage. Eight minutes, three times a day can actually improve hyperbaric therapy.
In short, a PEMF mat offers up the natural magnetic frequency that mimics the earth’s own frequency. It is magnetic, and many of us know the benefit magnets have to our health. The PEMF pulses, however, so the body doesn’t get too much of it, or too used to it.

And so what makes PEMF so good?

‘Good magnetic energy,’ that of our loving earth nurtures life. In converse, there are EMFs or toxic energy.

When we lie on a PEMF mat, the pulsed earth frequency can directly recharge cell batteries that have become depleted by life’s poison energy and toxic food. In that, it’s probably no surprise that cells that are chronically ill have about nine times less energy than the cells of normal folk. It’s because our cells have no voltage, and this is why we feel crappy most of the time. Bring back the voltage, and we regain energy.
Now, with regard to HBOT and the fit with PEMF … as you lie on a PEMF mat your body disperses of the buildup of magnetic smog and it releases poison being held captive inside. The EMF’s that come from cell towers, mobile phones, electrical appliances and such cause our cells to stick together. It’s dirty electricity. Just sitting at your computer causes your hemoglobin cells to clump together like coins. And it decreases the surface area, the amount of space your for your red blood cells to hold onto o2. Cell and oxygen have no place to bind together. Not very promising for oxygen enhancement is it?

But wait! Lie down on PEMF’s earth based frequency enriched mat for about eight minutes and those bound up hemoglobin coins magically break free of their bondage, just like that. Blood cells disperse and move apart like two magnets being forced together. They just won’t have it. Now imagine how much more Hyperbaric o2 will latch onto these little guys!

There’s more. Well, if chronically ill cells have to travel through narrow capillaries in order to diffuse nourishment to the cells, don’t expect those bloody masses to get past ‘GO’, as they have to travel single file down that narrow path. However, once voltage-ly enhanced, the little guys simply flow on through.
The result: PEMF charges our bodies, freeing our cells to load up with more oxygen once we get inside our chamber. If oxygen is the healing life force we strive for in the chamber. Just imagine empowering the little soldiers that we call our blood platelets to march more freely and carry more oxygen. It’s like a breath of fresh air!