Summit to Sea 40″ Military Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber


This Reduced Military chamber is exclusive for active and retired and family members of the military, police, EMT and firefighters with IDs!

40 inch diameter, 7.5 foot (90″) length, 4 psi (1.3 ATA)

This 40″ Summit to Sea chamber:

  • Plenty of room for 2-3 people
  • Large enough for adults to  comfortably sit up
  • Spacious enough for yoga or exercising inside, improving workout benefits.
  • Comfortable sleeping space


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This 40″ Summit to Sea chamber:

· Plenty of room for 2-3 people

· Large enough for adults to comfortably sit up

· Spacious enough for yoga or exercising inside, improving workout benefits.

· Sleep comfort.

Spacious 40″ chamber includes:

· Two top windows

· Two inflation valves, and Two auxiliary valves

· Airtight two-way zipper

· Bolsters, Carbon filter

· Cleaning cloth

· Dual compressors,

· Exterior PVC frame

· Mattress

· Pressure gauge

· Travel bag

Chamber Features:

· Bright white interior minimizes claustrophobia

· Providing 4.4 PSI – 1.3 ATA

· This chamber measures 40″ in diameter

· This is an incredible value measuring 8 feet (102″) long

· Comes with two super quiet compressors

· Side entry for easy entry and exit — easy self treatments

· Single bag design made of urethane coated nylon to ensure air tightness and durability

· Two auxiliary valves

· Two viewing windows

· Four round foam bolsters connected in a cradle

· Thin sleeping mat is included (optional deluxe contoured mattress available for $350)

· Contoured PVC Frame

· Includes a double vent system for safely achieving a maximum of 4.4 PSI

· Carrying case

· Double sided full length zippers for easy entry and exit (can be operated from the inside or the outside of the chamber) — easy self-treatiment

· The same high efficiency electric air pumps with patented sound suppression as The Shallow Dive and The Dive, plus in-line air filtration

· Energy efficient design – uses only 200 watts of power

· Two year warranty & 15-day money back guarantee

· Manufactured by Certec, a world’s leading manufacturer of portable hyperbaric chambers.


· Deluxe contoured mattress

· Extended warranty of up to 5 years is available on this chamber.

FDA Approval:

The Military Dive chamber is a Class II Medical Device that is cleared by the FDA for home and office use.


This chamber can be financed 15 month interest-free.

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