Oxylife 2ATA – Premium Multiplace Oxygen Therapy Chambers


Healthier with every breath

Multi-Place – 2 ATA PERFORMANCE! 


Mini & Maxi Multiplace

The Mini & Maxi Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are constructed to distinct specifications for clinics that receive an influx of numerous patients in oxygen therapy care. The chambers reduce staff personnel for patients and are designed for comfortable therapy sessions. An operator can control the chamber from the outside, either step inside with the patients. The chambers feature dual computer operation to allow patients to setup their medical protocol from both the inside and the outside.

Price Includes Air Cooler

2 Seats: $130,750

3 Seats: $150,750

4 Seats: $170,750

Customs (approx 2.5%).  Shipping from Europe is additional.

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**2ATA Certifcation Chamber Installation extra**

Interior Comfort
• The door is pressure-sealed, no hinges or other closing mechanism that could be subject to pressure load stress.
• Anti-friction bearings permit easy door slide movement by hand.
• Anti-bacterial leather like interior.
• High quality resin fiber loop mattress and pillow – 90% of the core material is air to help dissipate heat and moisture generated by the body during therapy. Allows good ventilation through the entire chamber. It also helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. – Made in Japan.

Automatically controlled pressure system
The microprocessor system automatically balances the rates of the pumping system and air inlet to set and maintain the requested air pressure and shuts off the compressor after 60 seconds malfunction.

  • Friendly user interface that allows manual settings for:
  • Compression/decompression speed
  • Treatment pressure level
  • Chamber temperature
  • Session time

Mirrored commands inside and outside of the chamber
• Two-way communication system. Mirrored commands inside and outside of the chamber.
• Wi-Fi connection to send session information to another device.

Specialized HBOT chamber features
The design and engineering of the OxyLife chamber revolves around the safety, comfort and convenience of the patient.
• Air filled system with oxygen provided through BIBS mask
• Dual over-pressure safety mechanism – manual and software
• No oxygen cylinders required
• Quiet operation (low noise both inside and outside of the chamber)
• Automatic depressurization in case of power failure
• Patient quick stop button
• Two layers of air filters – 0.05 and 0.01 micrometers
• Antibacterial interior – internationally certified – Japanese SEK standards
• The ability to hear, see and to monitor the patient at all times
• Emergency depressurization available for patient and operator
• Patient controlled ear pressure equalizer
• Medical grade tubing

Specialized HBOT chamber features
Main features:

  • Body material, Color
  • Aluminum, White
  • Usage time
  • 30 – 600 minutes
  • Air conditioning cool
  • Optional Warm
  • Optional Video Sound
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Optional Operation Outside Color touchscreen
  • Start /Stop Operation in Capsule
  • Caster Wheels Interphone Included
  • Auto Ear equalizer

The OXYLIFE I Capsule Models
Chambers available in 75, 80 and 90 cm diameter sizes to significantly reduce the incidence of noncompliance because of claustrophobia.

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