Nasal Cannulas High Flow Regular Flow & Pediatric


High Comfort Nasal Cannulas

  • High Flow Cannula – Adult Only
  • Regular Flow Cannula – Adult & Pediatric

Salter Labs High Flow Nasal Cannula

Salter Labs High Flow Nasal Cannula delivers oxygen flows up to 15 LPM. Unique three channel headset tubing with enhanced reservoir face piece. Rectangular style head set tubing slide bolo. Seamless, extra soft, reservoir face piece anatomically contoured to fit upper lip. Made with bright green supply tubing from the cannula to the oxygen outlet.

The 1600HF nasal cannula is great for those who need a high flow of oxygen, but don’t want to wear a cumbersome mask. This cannula makes everyday life much simpler and virtually eliminates the need for masks to deliver high levels of oxygen. The anatomical fit provides greater comfort and optimal performance. For a more convenient, hassle-free option to oxygen masks, use the Salter-Style 1600HF High Flow Cannula

Salter-Style Cannula Features:

  • – 0 to 15 LMP flow rate
  • – Allows for higher oxygen saturation levels
  • – Larger 3 channel head tubing
  • – Enhanced reservoir face piece
  • – 7′ supply tubing


  • – Virtually eliminates the need for masks to deliver high flow O2
  • – Greater patient comfort
  • – Anatomically contoured fit
  • – Rectangular style slide bolo for easy adjustability


Salter Labs 1600Q Quiet Regular Flow Nasal Cannula with 7 foot tubing

Salter Labs 1600Q Quiet Cannula is an over-the-ear style oxygen cannula with an enhanced face piece that virtually eliminates flow noise. Completely latex free, this nasal cannula is silent for up to 8 LPM, clear, lightweight, and has 7 ft long 3 channel crush-resistant tubing. For superior comfort that is great for long-term use, try the Salter Labs Quiet Cannula. Not only does it provide an anatomically correct fit that allows more freedom of movement, but there is virtually no flow noise for a quieter, more comfortable operation than other cannulas. For a hassle-free nasal cannula that provides uninterrupted oxygen flow, and superior support and comfort, use Salter-Style 1600Q-7-50 Quiet Cannulas.


  • – Virtually no flow noise
  • – Allows more freedom of movement
  • – Anatomical design for greater comfort and fit
  • – Incorporates a larger reservoir
  • – Curved, tapered nasal prongs
  • – Uninterrupted oxygen flow

Quiet Cannula Feates:

  • – Over-the-ear style head set
  • – Enhanced face piece
  • – Quiet up to 8 LPM
  • – Clear, lightweight
  • – 3 channel crush-resistant safety tubing
  • – Adult size
  • – Latex free
  • – Attached 7 foot length tubing

Pediatric Nasal Cannula for Babies / Infants

The Salter Labs 1610 Premature Baby Nasal Cannula is a soft, lightweight over-the-ear style oxygen nasal cannula for oxygen flows up to 3 LPM. This children’s cannula is made with a curved nasal prongs, clear 7 ft tubing, three channel safety and all latex free materials.

Salter Labs has created an ultra-comfortable, best-fit nasal cannula specifically designed for premature infants. The soft, lightweight material gently fits over the ears, and it is latex free to prevent allergies and skin irritations. Use an oxygen cannula that fits securely and provides greater comfort and support to your tiniest patients with the Salter-Style children’s nasal cannula.

Cannula Features:

  • – Soft, Lightweight clear material
  • – Clear tubing
  • – 7′ supply tube
  • – Three channel safety
  • – For oxygen flows up to 3 LPM
  • – Latex free

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