HRW Rejuvenation Molecular Hydrogen Water – Best Antioxidant, Inflammation & Energy Support



Get a Bigger Bang of Hydrogen for Your Buck!! 


THE SPARK TO LIFE!  HRW REVJUVINATION tablets generate the highest density of hydrogen of any Hydrogen tablet on the market. Up to 10 ppm of Hydrogen (double the concentration) dissolved in your glass of water.

FACT: HRW Owner, Alex Tarnava, is the Inventor of the original Molecular Hydrogen infusion tablets.



Molecular Hydrogen Water is THE SPARK OF LIFE!

So powerful that DR. MERCOLA has featured Hydrogen Water in many of his interviews.

Feeling fatigued? No focus and lost vitality? The newest phenomenon, Molecular Hydrogen Water (H2) is the absolute most exciting and profoundly effective antioxidant on earth, that will dramatically reduce Inflammation and help you begin to restore your energy.

Drink an effervescent glass of Molecular Hydrogen and the health-generating gas mobilizes your cells to burst into energy! Hydrogen is the spark-plug of every cell, reinvigorating every organ and every system of your body.

Hydrogen helps induce cell survival and helps induce proliferation

Dr Mercola: 
It would be intriguing to see someone do a study where they’re integrating MOLECULAR HYDROGEN with HYPERBARIC OXYGEN.

Tyler W. Lebaron: 
Actually, that’s kind of being done right now, it’s a very good idea. Any time you want to combine an oxidant of type therapy, you want to use hydrogen because you always have damage from oxygen therapy that damages the pros outweigh the cons. But hydrogen can help mitigate.



Hydrogen: The Spark of Life!

Molecular Hydrogen is the future in terms of health regimen, overall wellness, pain management and longevity: the most promising preventative aging supplement on the market.

Hydrogen gas, itself, is the Number One element on the Periodic Table of elements. Right, number one, the first and most vital element. It was, in fact, the basis of the Big Bang! Hydrogen is considered to be the Father of every other element on the chart. H2 powers the sun and is the gas responsible for creating & sustaining the Life on Earth. Scientists actually attribute hydrogen as the universe’s first energy source that kicked off the full genesis of life! Hydrogen built cells out of basic bacteria and now bacteria gives life back to us in the form of Hydrogen within our own gut.

Our intestinal (gut) bacteria produces hydrogen gas that builds our own life. Lots of hydrogen gas, liters, liters a day of 10 liters or more depending on the individual. And we know that the hydrogen gas produced by intestinal bacteria is therapeutic and heals us from many diseases. The problem is that most of us have an imbalance of healthy gut bacteria.

That’s where supplementation of life-giving Hydrogen gas can produce astounding results for your health! Hydrogen gas has evolved the Universe. Now it can also evolve you!

Hydrogen has tons of therapeutic effects when administered to your cells.

Infuse a Hydrogen tablet into your drinking water and allow this Molecular Hydrogen to become the SPRARK OF LIFE activating your own cellular energy and vitality. The Ultimate Antioxidant, controlling unwanted Inflammation and oxidative stress – the underlying cause to virtually EVERY DISEASE!


Why Buy HRW Rejuvination?

Why purchase HRW REJUVINATION Hydrogen tablets? Because Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is the key to the Universe and the key to rejuvenating your vitality. H2 is the smallest known molecule in the universe and neutrally charged, so very tiny that it has the ability to cross through your cell membranes and your blood-brain barrier. The molecules act as a powerhouse of antioxidants, stronger than the common vitamin C, E and the like. These molecules are powerful enough to help neutralize free radicals that cause disease, inflammation and aging. H2’s therapeutic effects benefit virtually every organ of the body, exerting antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, speeding up sport-related recovery, balancing the pH of the blood, and calming allergic reactions.

Feel your brain work faster and regain your energy with a single glass of Hydrogen fizzy water powered by the HRS H2 tablet.

Proven by research to pump up cellular energy, fight free radical, maintain youth, and help recover your health and longevity.

It’s the one supplement that will truly turn your life around.

HRW REVJUVINATION tablets generate the highest density of hydrogen of any hydrogen tablet on the market. Up to 10 ppm of Hydrogen dissolved in your glass of water.

FACT: Alex Tarnava is the First Inventor of the Molecular Hydrogen infusion tablets.  Dr. Mercola has interviewed Alex and often features and recommends H2. The HRW formula is backed by scientific research proving the effectiveness of the hydrogen tablets. With over 1000 publications speaking on the potential benefits in 170 disease models* throughout every organ, H2 tablets have been shown to indirectly mitigate the damages of the “BIG 3”- those nasty three issues that lead to virtually all diseases and are the driving forces in why we get older and die:

Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and increased Insulin Resistance.

(Use HRW to neutralize free radicals caused by HBOT)


15 Science-backed Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen You Need to Know

We all know antioxidants are great for us. They act as a friendly police force, helping us fight free radicals. Without antioxidants, free radicals can run rampant throughout the body causing damage as they go. We eat more berries, drink tea, and justify our glass of wine each night with the idea the antioxidants in them are what make each of these a healthy choice.

But there’s a new sheriff in town.

Molecular hydrogen or H2 gas is a very small neutrally charged molecule that has the ability to cross cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier. This gives it the unique ability to access DNA and mitochondria within the cell where it has protective action.

Free radicals are uncharged or unstable molecules, which make them highly reactive and extremely likely that they’ll pull apart pieces of other molecules to gain stability. In their search for stability, they can damage your body. Sometimes this can result in chain reactions.  Antioxidants are molecules that safely stabilize free radicals and reduce the amount of damage that can be done.

The most common way to consume molecular hydrogen is with a tablet you drop into your water, which releases hydrogen gas. When I first heard about hydrogen water, my eyebrows raised. I was initially skeptical because hydrogen is so abundant, why had we not realized the power of this element before? Turns out we had been missing a very important possibility that has been right under our noses.

Molecular hydrogen has so many wonderful benefits and acts as a powerful antioxidant neutralizing free radicals that contribute to disease progression. I now think it’s a straightforward and easy supplement everyone should add to their day. You simply drop a hydrogen tablet into your cup of water first thing in the morning and drink the effervescence that develops.

I think molecular hydrogen is going to be one of the biggest health and wellness trends in the upcoming years. Fortunately, by reading this, you’re ahead of the game.


1. Hydrogen acts as an antioxidant

Hydrogen gas acts as powerful antioxidant and has been shown to protect cells from even the most cytotoxic reactive oxygen species. H2 gas has been shown to suppress brain injuries through these effects.


2. Hydrogen supports your body’s antioxidant system

H2 supports your body’s natural antioxidant system by signaling pathways associated with the prevention of disease.


3. Hydrogen is anti-inflammatory

In animal studies, hydrogen gas has been shown to be extremely anti-inflammatory. While we could use more studies on humans to back these initial findings, research on patients with rheumatoid arthritis are extremely promising.


4. Hydrogen may help reduce pain

As mentioned above, the effects of hydrogen on patients with rheumatoid arthritis have shown a significant decrease in pain. This pain relief is due to the reduction in oxidative stress caused by the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of hydrogen gas.


5. Hydrogen protects your muscles

In an animal study, hydrogen water prevented muscle wasting in mice that had muscular dystrophy. Hydrogen also boosted the natural production of glutathione which is often called our master antioxidant. The effects of hydrogen on athletes and exercise is a promising area worth keeping your eye on.


6. Hydrogen can speed up sport-related recovery

Hydrogen water has been shown to reduce muscle fatigue in elite athletes after intense exercise. This is because it reduced lactic acid buildup, which improved muscle function.


7. Hydrogen can help balance the pH of the blood

Hydrogen water has also been shown to have an alkalizing effect in the blood. This is especially beneficial to people who are extremely physically active because extreme exercise can cause metabolic acidosis.


8. Hydrogen affects cell modulation

Hydrogen appears to have effects in the cells that help them maintain homeostasis and healthy modulation. Through healthy gene expression and cellular metabolism, hydrogen positively affects cellular processes on many different levels.


9. Hydrogen is neuroprotective

Hydrogen has been shown to reduce damage to the brain in Parkinson’s patients. It’s also shown to have generally neuroprotective properties due to its ability to fight oxidative stress.


10. Hydrogen is protective against metabolic conditions

Studies have found that hydrogen increases insulin sensitivity, decreases blood sugar, and blood cholesterol levels.  These effects make hydrogen up potential therapy for fighting obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.


11. Hydrogen boosts your mitochondria

Your mitochondria are the powerhouse of your cells, which makes them directly responsible for your energy levels day to day. Clinical studies on hydrogen-rich water have found that it improves mitochondrial function.


12. Hydrogen protects against DNA damage

Hydrogen gas has been shown to significantly protect DNA against radiation damage. It does so by scavenging hydroxyl radical formation.


13. Hydrogen can calm allergic reactions

With allergies on the rise across the world, this is an interesting observation. Studies have found that in animals, hydrogen can sometimes calm allergic reactions. The way hydrogen appears to calm allergic reactions is by modulating cell processes and restoring homeostasis. It seems that hydrogen restores healthy processes throughout the body, which makes it a good idea for just about everyone to consider taking.


14. Hydrogen is protective against Cancer

Hydrogen appears to be protective. At this point, it probably doesn’t surprise you since you know how hydrogen can protect against oxidative stress and damage to the DNA. Hydrogen has also been observed to help reduce side effects of chemotherapy in some patients.


15. Hydrogen protects organs

Hydrogen has been observed to be protective against damage to numerous organs including the brain, pancreas, heart, liver, eyes, and lungs. This is believed to be because of hydrogen’s anti-inflammatory, antiapoptotic, and oxidative stress fighting effects.


Molecular hydrogen is going to be one of the biggest buzzwords in the health industry. HRW is the BEST molecular hydrogen supplement on the market.