1.6 ATA / 9 psi Newtowne 34″ Hyperbaric Chamber


Highest Pressure Soft Chamber on the Market!


WHITE CHAMBERS ONLY! Bright ‘n Beautiful!

Preowned Like-New. Closest European competition sells same chamber for $35,000

This reduced price chamber is one of a kind. $19.995 + $500 shipping. Includes Newtowne Quality Certification Guarantee

34 inch diameter, 104 inch (7 foot) length, 4 psi (1.3 ATA)


This 34″ Newtowne chamber:

  • Comfortably accommodates one adult and one child.
  • Many adults will be able to sit up inside this chamber.
  • A child who is less than 34″ tall can stand inside.
  • Flexi-Lite®
    , is ideal for the clinic or office setting and optimal for home as well.
     Heavy Duty double bag construction
     CE approved for higher pressure
     Convenient Top Entry Design

$500 Shipping


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  • 46oz. heavy duty, double laminated ballistic gradenylon material
  • Four Large View Ports
  • Exclusive Port Pressure covers for strength, safety, and peace of mind (prevents “bugeye” effect when pressurized)
  • Advanced harness system for safety at any pressure
  • Exclusive 2” Aeronautical grade webbing (straps)
  • Exclusive Aeronautical grade
    stainless steel buckles
  • 65” zipper can be closed from inside chamber
  • Welded bulkheads and construction
  • Two 4 psi. preset automaticpressure relief valves (metal – not plastic!)
  •  Easily readable pressure gauge
  • Inflatable stabilizers to prevent chamber roll
  • Heavy PVC frame
  • Quiet compressor w/ 10 ft. hose & connections
  • 4” Fortis foam mattress w/disinfectable cove

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Newtowne 34″ Hyperbaric Chamber

Newtowne 34″ Hyperbaric Chamber