Oxyhelp Difference

Life is dynamic and so is the Oxyhelp new Smart Hyperbaric chamber. Just as change stimulates your life, our Smart Chamber can change the way you live. The Smart System for Life and Longevity is light years ahead of all other hyperbaric chambers.

While other hyperbaric chambers can supply your body with a consistent level of pressure, the one and only Smart Chamber recognizes that pressure in flux powers-up real healing like nothing else.

There’s far more to hyperbaric oxygen therapy than by simply lying in a static pressure chamber. Let us explain.

The fact is, oxygen increases when you pressure up a hyperbaric chamber. However, more importantly, Life and longevity, actually escalate when you then decrease that pressure, since this is when your body calls in new stem cells to repair your body.

With this in mind, if you build the pressure, and then let it go in a series of up and down cycles, you’ll experience a more dramatic physical response than with one single pressure alone. With pressure modifications, your body revs up its life force!

This is why Oxyhelp has developed a self-adjusting series of smart longevity protocols, designed for you to select just the right program you need. A circuit of pressure protocols that vary the level of pressure and the level of oxygen inside the chamber goes to work while you relax and heal. As the pressures change, new stem cells proliferate. Stem cells that are like a 3-D printer that can re-write every nook and cranny of your body, erasing systemic flaws, and making you a renewed you.

This Self-adjusting pressure circuit is what gives the Smart Chamber the healing edge.  Rebuild your health, repair tissue, restore energy – the Smart Chamber can bring you to the life you want. Oxyhelp is the solution.