Lyme Brain Death to Health

Kim, Atlanta, GA — Stephanie, my friend from Georgia told me this amazing story. Stephanie’s son’s brain function was lower than they’d ever seen. He almost died but their doctor recommended HBOT. The doc told them that her son was the worst he’d ever seen from Lyme Disease. He advised them that instead of spending all of their money on testing for the cause, why not just spend it on wellness. And so they did just that. They purchased a chamber and their son actually regained completely NORMAL brain function. In addition, he originally had 67 score on his CD TEST, which tests the strength of immunity. It skyrocketed to over 200 immunity, a perfect score. Their doctor told them that he could never get his patients that high and then asked what they were doing. It was the Hyperbaric chamber plus the addition of the sauna, ozone, and  PEMF mat they purchased along with the chamber and used together to help their son. The combination saved his life.