Health Begins Here With Hyperbaric Chambers You Can Trust


Health begins here with Hyperbaric Chambers that you can trust … and service you can’t beat!


I represent only the finest built chambers on the market. Compare here, to find the chamber that best suits your needs. Any questions? Reach for the phone and call me at (512) 789-2788, or email

Questioning the quality of either brand? FDA MAUDE (Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience) site will demonstrate there’s been absolutely  NO FDA Accidents or Incidents!


How To Use Your Hyperbaric Chamber


We sell Newtowne Hyperbarics and Summit to Sea chambers in many sizes. Shop now

PEMF System

Increase the benefits of HBOT and reduce harmful effects of Negative EMF's. Learn more


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Read about the benefits of oxygen chambers, tips on buying the best one, and more here.


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