Dr Jason Sonners, Upgrade Your Mitochondrial Health With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

In this video, Ben Azadi of KetoKamp and Dr. Jason Sonners discuss how to upgrade your health and mitochondria with Hyperbaric Oxygen



(00:55) About Dr. Sonners

(04:20) About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – All of our cells need oxygen. – Most of us will be 98% – 100% oxygen saturated. We are limited to how much oxygen we can carry. – Hyperbaric allows for a more significant amount of oxygen to run through our blood.

(06:15) How Our Mitochondria Helps Us – The mitochondrion is a little part inside of our cells – they need energy. – For our brains to create thoughts, it needs energy. – All of our cells have mitochondria to build energy, so the cells of those tissues can do its job. – Improving your mitochondria is enormous. It is the cornerstone of improving the quality of life and longevity simultaneously. – Magnesium will help make your mitochondria work better. Red light and oxygen will also assist with giving your mitochondria energy.

(09:45) Why You May Lack Oxygen – Anytime you have an injury, there will be damage to your capillaries. Then, the oxygen will not be able to get through. – With hyperbaric, the oxygen will be able to travel through plasma. – As long as there is liquid flow, there will be oxygen exchange through plasma using hyperbaric. (12:50) What Oxygen Can Do For COVID-19 – Oxygen is not getting into our respiratory system.

(17:10) How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?

(18:50) The Role Oxygen Plays on Reducing Inflammation – Oxygen will help regain normal flow in the damaged tissues. This, alone, will improve inflammation. – Our bodies are constantly regulating chemicals. Hyperbaric oxygen will help lower inflammatory chemicals. – If we can improve how much energy the body is making, we can improve the tissue function.

(22:20) Other Ways to Get Oxygen Flowing in the Blood – Some simple things you can do: – Breathing techniques – Cold immersions – Cryotherapy

(26:45) Why We Need to Revolutionize Health Care

(30:10) Practical Body Hacks for Energy – The most effective body hacks are recreating what we should be getting naturally. – Red light therapy is a fantastic tool. We are getting way too much blue light from spending too much time inside. Also, we avoid the sun. In reality, we need responsible sun exposures. – Breathing exercises and grounding while outside will also help energy levels.

(34:20) The Role of Oxygen on Brain Disease – The oxygen will heal damaged circulation in the brain. – Oxygen will also help our body multitask. – Our brain uses 20% of the oxygen that our body gets. – If we increase oxygen, can we see an increase in brain function? The answer is yes.