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Clinical depression is a mood disorder that presents itself through extreme changes in emotional health and physical health. It targets how you think, feel, and behave on a regular basis. Since the 2020 Pandemic, this disorder has now affected 1 out of 3 people in America. Because this is a diagnosed illness, it affects the brain and can be managed through medication – but antidepressants aren’t your only option when it comes to treating your clinical depression. Chattanooga hyperbaric oxygen chambers are on the rise as one of the newest treatment options for depression. Here’s why:

Depression: Let’s Talk About It

Clinical depression is often mislabeled as “a bad day” or a simple mood swing. A patient who is diagnosed with this disorder can experience feelings of hopelessness, sadness, disinterest in previously enjoyed activities, restlessness, irritability, fatigue, suicidal thoughts, unexplained physical aches, rapid weight gain or loss, decreased memory, and other symptoms. Chattanooga hyperbaric oxygen chambers have been proven to decrease these symptoms as well as their frequency. Other treatments include antidepressant medications, psychotherapy sessions, or both treatments combined. Clinical depression often stems from 4 different causes: genetics, environment, psychological trauma, or chronic medical conditions.

Can Chattanooga Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers Treat Depression?

Chattanooga hyperbaric oxygen chambers have been proven beneficial for those with depression who require more than medication and psychotherapy. It is hypothesized that regular sessions in a hyperbaric chamber reap many benefits for mental health, such as the mobilization of stem cells, create immunity in different parts of the body and improve neurotransmitters. However, it is a known fact that Chattanooga hyperbaric oxygen chambers improve a person’s cognitive function overall. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been proven effective for the overall wellness of those suffering from clinical depression. This may boost energy levels, reduce the frequency and intensity of depressive episodes, and balance any manic episodes.

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