Chattanooga Hyperbaric Chamber Company

If you’re searching for a Chattanooga hyperbaric chamber company, we’ve got your back. At Hyperbaric Central, we take pride in being the top hyperbaric chamber distributor in the Southeast. We take treatment education very seriously, ensuring every client understands the benefits of our products as well as possible side effects. Like every medical treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is known to come with a few mild side effects, mostly being temporary as the body adjusts to the conditions of the chamber.

If you’re looking to purchase equipment from our Chattanooga hyperbaric chamber company, consider the following side effects you may or may not experience with oxygen therapy:

1. Vision Change

Some patients report minor and temporary vision changes after an average of 20 sessions in their hyperbaric chamber – mostly a quick case of near-sightedness. These changes are caused by the atmosphere of 100% oxygen on the curvature of the eye. However, this has only been reported to be temporary, and tends to subside in an average of 5 days.

2. Claustrophobia

Some patients may experience temporary claustrophobia inside the tank, as it’s an enclosed space. Common symptoms include sweating, increased heart rate, lightheadedness, increased blood pressure, and overall anxiety. Before beginning independent treatment, we suggest contacting your Chattanooga hyperbaric chamber company to prepare and practice with a professional.

3. Middle Ear Barotrauma

This side effect is simply the pressure, popping, or discomfort of the ears during the first compression phase of your hyperbaric oxygen therapy session. As the atmospheric pressure rises in the tank, it can cause difficulty within the middle ear to equalize its own pressure. This tends to go away once the body is conditioned to the atmosphere inside the tank.

4. Oxygen Toxicity

This condition is a rarity. It’s caused by over exposure to the 100% oxygen inside the tank. For this side effect to present itself, one must abuse the amount of time and the number of sessions they spend inside the tank. Those that experience oxygen toxicity normally feel its effects around 2,000-3,000 visits.

The Chattanooga Hyperbaric Chamber Company for You

If you’re ready to find the right Chattanooga hyperbaric chamber company, we’re here for you. At Hyperbaric Central, we’re dedicated to helping each client find the perfect at-home chamber for their needs. To begin, call us today!