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Beth’s Journey to Wellness

This is Beth. Watch her change as she progresses through her recovery from Lyme Disease using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. This is AMAZING!!!

In Beth’s words:

For those treating Lyme Disease

I am now in remission after my mhbot treatment, my co infection is now negative on lab tests, something you won’t find with other therapies. It’s very difficult to get positive results with LD but at least one of my confections was positive in 2010 -2015 and negative only after mhbot in 2016.

People state they are in remission because they feel well, my lab tests prove mhbot works to remove the issue. Unfortunately I will never come up negative for Lyme because it’s been in my body for 20 years before I knew it was there. All the years I was in the other groups no one could produce lab results of healing so I set out to do it with mhbot and accomplished my goal.

After having LD and company for 20 plus years there is damage in my body that won’t be repaired and I’m 50 years old but I’m in better shape than 60% my age at a minimum. I’m on my 3rd year of no health issues except what comes with a middle aged women (BHRT to the rescue) and having a destructive disease in my body for over 20 years😁

I started in February 2015 and treated for a little over 2 years 60 minutes a day with oxygen from a concentrator. The first 2-4 months were herxing daily because I didn’t back off on my treatments. I went back to work at my two year treatment mark and continued treating for a few months as my body adjusted to working full time and commuting. At my 8 month mark I had a setback for an entire month with all the LD symptoms. It was frustrating but I pushed forward. It was a huge commitment do dive daily especially when I began feeling well. If you are in the beginning stages of treating then you haven’t hit rock bottom, it gets worse before it gets better but there is a better.

I’m now healed. Remission would mean I am temporarily healed. Negative test results. The antibodies for Lyme will always be there and the damage that is can not be repaired due to misdiagnosis, but will I ever suffer from Lyme Disease and company again? NO!

Watch her videos here.