Preowned Flex 34″ 4 / 7 / 9 psi – 1.6ATA Higher Pressure Hyperbaric Chamber



This is real deal. 34″ 9 PSI- 1.6ata chamber used only 35 hours and in perfect condition. Price is only $13,595! That includes shipping. A chamber at this pressure will normally cost you $20,000 – $35,000. It includes an external handle-bar to grasp and hold on to to help you exit or get into the chamber . It doesn’t have its warranty but it has impeccable construction, designed and created by Newtowne Hyperbarics. And its not been used. This chamber is very difficult to find on the market so give me a call if I can help you. 512-789-2788.


This chamber comes with 4psi & 7psi valves – 9psi valve available for $200

Searching for a 7 to 9psi  / 1.5 to 1.6ATA home use hyperbaric chamber? This is a rare find! This Newtowne Flexi Lite is a model that Newtowne discontinued in order to get out of the higher pressure business. This 34″ is in excellent condition and for sale by a gal who isn’t using it anymore. This chamber goes beyond 7psi and up to 9psi. Variable pressures of 4-7-9 psi / 1.3-1.5-1.6ATA

It is built like a tank. You can see by all the zippers that it is built to sustain the higher pressure and retain its quality. It will last a lifetime. This is the same quality chamber that now being sold for $35,000 and when it new was sold by Newtowne Hyperbarics for $20,000. Sale price for this one of a kind chamber is $13,595. Please get in touch if this interests you!



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Spacious 34″ inch diameter, 8 foot length, 4 psi (1.3 ATA), 7 psi (1.5 ATA), (9 psi capable (1.6 ATA)

This Newtowne Flexi Lite chamber is ideal for the clinical setting or major compromised medical conditions:

4, 7 and 9 psi pressures for variable dives.

  • Reaches up to 7 psi (9 psi valve is available) internal pressure
  • Comfortably accommodates an adult and child.
  • Easy movement, lots of space

This Flexi Lite 34″ 4 – 7 – 9 psi valves (all included) Newtowne chamber is ideal for the clinical setting or major compromised medical conditions:


  • Extended warranty is available on this chamber.

FDA Approval:

The hyperbaric chamber is a Class II Medical Device that is cleared by the FDA for home and office use.


This chamber can be financed – – with either 18 months-no-interest or a plan of 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 month terms.

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4 PSI Grand Dive, 7 PSI Grand Dive

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